Every so often in the course of human history there comes a period where humans who are awake to the evolutionary energies start to struggle with the cocoons of their lives and move into the process of growing out of old patterns.

This is one of those periods.

And you thought 2012 was the end of the cycle? It was just the beginning!

As all of humanity evolves each person must struggle against the teachings of the ‘old way’ and must create the ‘new way,’ for their own life and for the society in which they live. This is not a simple task nor one to be taken lightly. This is an important aspect of becoming a New Human.

Remember that your Soul, your Spirit, decided to facilitate this particular aspect of human evolution. You asked to be allowed to participate in human life on Planet Earth during this part of the 21st Century. Yes, you asked for this!

And now your work is to participate fully even if you are feeling the angst of the struggle, the upset of the unknown, and the agony of the desire that things were different. Even if it appears that your life is moving along swimmingly and things are wonderful, and I hope that is the case, there is probably a part of you that wishes that at least one aspect would shift to support your continuing personal growth. Or you might be wishing that society would ‘get its act together and resolve some things.’

Many people seem to be struggling with one problem or another in their personal or professional lives. Do you know anyone dealing with disease? Financial problems? Family issues? Career concerns? Any problem, when viewed in the evolutionary light, can present an opportunity for one to become anxious.

The job of the evolving human is to work through what life presents, not to wish away the circumstances one faces.

What can you do?

The first thing to do is to decide what you can control and what you cannot. Look at the next month and set your priorities for your goals and your time. You might not be able to control all of your time in that month but you can start by scheduling time for the highest priority items on your list. Make sure you give them time. Make sure, too, that you leave blocks of time unscheduled so that, when there are bumps in the road, you can handle them without throwing away the rest of your plans.

Next, make sure that your spiritual life is on the path that you wish to journey. Are you paying attention to your Inner Life or are you sinking beneath the obligations of your Outer Life? Where are your priorities? Examine the last few weeks and where you have spent your time. You’ll see what you are choosing to do with your energy. Does it match your honest priorities?

Stay connected to other people. The worst thing to do when you are feeling the struggles of life is to hibernate. Some alone time is beneficial, but you need connections to others to help you see a different point of view, hear advice that can help you shift, grasp ideas that you might not have considered. Find someone or a group who can support you in your personal evolution.

Remember that you are a part of the evolution of all humanity. The energy you are feeling is the same as the growing pains that kids feel when their legs start to grow really rapidly. Applaud your growth and work through your angst.

You are not alone. And thank you for doing your part in the work of evolution that all humanity needs at this time!

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