galaxy roseHappy Holiday Season! After the US celebration of Thanksgiving it seems the holidays are really happening! And this year Hanukkah starts with the Thanksgiving Thursday so we’re really doing holidays now.

How do you spend ‘the holidays’? Many of my clients have big plans while some are looking forward to some quiet time, even alone time. Check out the article in today’s MuseLetter to help you understand some of what you might be feeling.

I am here to help you if you feel you are struggling during these holidays even if your struggles have nothing to do with the calendar. There is a lot going on in the energy field of Earth and sensitive people are feeling unsettled. This is a time to get into the deep work of clearing your ‘inner house’ and making way for an amazing 2014. Do you know what your next step is? Are you ready to step into 2014 feeling totally empowered? December and January are the best times to clear away the blocks and limiting beliefs that kept you from realizing all your goals for 2013. Get an appointment for a coaching session on the calendar so that you can make this the best holiday season EVER for yourself! Send me an email and we’ll get started:

There is a New Moon on Monday, December 2, 2013 at 7:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. This means that the Moon is in the same sign as the Sun (Sagittarius) and the 2 Luminaries are lined up so that the Moon does not reflect the Sun’s light and appears dark in the sky. We are flooded with pure Moon energy at the time of the New Moon – a delicious, clear emotional and nurturing energy that supports us in moving forward in our lives. This is a great time to clear away the ‘old’ and accept the ‘new.’ How will you celebrate? What will you invite into your life at this time?

We’re moving into new offerings and new structures. We’ll continue to offer you a free weekly teaching in the MuseLetter and we’ll also be offering some new group activities for 2014. Are you saving your magazine pictures/words, etc. for a fun new way to get ready for 2014? This is NOT your usual vision board exercise but an intuitive approach to creating focus for your year. We’ll be getting together in January after festivities are done and decorations are packed away. Don’t worry about New Year’s Resolutions! Give yourself time to really clear the blocks and you’ll be ready to make 2014 AMAZING!!!

Enjoy the first week of December and the New Moon with a fresh new perspective on the month!


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