Intuition-Based Success – Richard’s Commentary

How do you define success? Rosemary addresses three areas for assessing success: business, relationships and life. Of course these three areas are tightly woven together for many – they often are for successful people. Do you maintain or insure success by relying on your intuition? And what does this look like for you?

Business success is usually measured by examining P&L statements. It’s more difficult to measure the heart of a business. Vision, mission, outreach, social consciousness are not revealed in the numbers. A business may be operating at a break-even level but offering heart-felt services and expansive employment opportunities. Some would say the business is successful. If the business owners are more service than profit oriented that is a choice – perhaps even an intuitive choice!

Relationship success is not so easily measured; I suppose there may be joint bank accounts that could be examined. But here again is the P&L of a partnership the best measure? Rosemary suggests there is a lot to be learned by listening to what is unsaid rather than jumping on the words the other person is using. Have you learned to pay attention to those other signals, with non-judgment and without ego? Paying attention to intuitive hits within a relationship may be the better measure.

Then there is life success! How is that to be measured? Do external circumstances tell the story, even a bit of the story? Here the only good measures are intuitive hits. Relying on anything other than the subtle signs can be completely misleading.

And how do we read these subtle signs, whether we are assessing a business, a partnership or a life, especially our own? This is where we move into the intuitive world as our best source of information!

Rosemary says:

Everyone has intuition. There are messages for us all the time. It’s not really about developing intuition – it’s about learning to trust your own intuition enough to take action on the guidance you receive. And the first step in learning this is to love yourself, all of you, including your intuition, enough to know that you are enough!

Intuition begins with self-love! Why? Because intuition is of no value or use if it is not to be trusted. If you don’t love yourself you may not trust yourself. There is a level of acceptance here that must be unconditional in order to begin using intuition for success.

I know this from experience. I have lived with this incredibly intuitive partner, Rosemary, for over 30 years. And I learn these lessons of intuition from her every day. I watch her trust her intuition and the decisions are always successful. As a trivial example I have relied on her to choose the right cars. They have all been great! The only lemon we bought I chose! I emulate her trust and am getting better all the time. But when we face a really important decision we go with “Rosemary’s gut.”

Don’t have a Rosemary in your life? You too can know success by loving, trusting and basing your life on your intuitive wisdom inside!


PS: Are you looking for intuitive guidance? Answers? Inspiration? Every 3rd Saturday of the month, at 7:00 pm Eastern time, Rosemary hosts Satsang for all who would join her in the exploration of expanding consciousness. Here is your chance to ask questions of The Divine Feminine! This event can be attended in person and online using video-conferencing services, even a phone. Attend from anywhere in the world!

Get more information and sign up here  The next Satsang with Rosemary is this Saturday, November 16 at 7:00 pm Eastern.


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