Don’t put off until tomorrow what the Universe wants done today!

Pay attention to the signals you receive that something is calling to you to be examined today. You might feel it as a flash of insight, a thought about a person you might contact, a picture of something, or a nagging feeling about something on your to-do list.

When you are connected to your inner wisdom and your spirit guides, you can check in to see what your next step is. Sometimes the message might be to capture the idea and then schedule it, even if it is not to be acted upon today. But often we challenge or question the energy of the guidance and step back to analyze until we have moved away from pursuing the action.

What ideas have you had for something to do that you have analyzed yourself away from doing?

There is a difference between paying attention to the signals from the Universe and procrastination. When you follow the energy of the idea you receive then you are staying in the flow of the creative energy that comes to you from your connection to Universal Flow. Learn to discern this energy from ‘shoulds’ that your ego presents to you from old tapes that are playing in your unconscious mind!

Procrastination is fighting against the feeling that the Universe wants you to pay attention to something and you are choosing to ignore that signal. Did you know that procrastination could take a lot more energy than following the flow?

I’ve learned that lesson! Sometimes it’s important to delay a project until the time is right, but it is very easy to put off tackling something because we feel afraid to face ourselves in that situation. Many of my clients are working from a space where there is an unexamined belief that holds them back from displaying their magnificence. It might be an ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘who am I to think I can do this?’ or ‘what if I fail?’ belief that is stopping the flow, holding up the action.

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!! Let me state that unequivocally. The Universe is very wise and doesn’t give you a task that you are not ready to accomplish. The creativity that brings you flashes of insight is a force that is presenting solutions, even if you are not sure of the problems yet.

All you are being asked to do is to pay attention. In every moment you are being shown signs that reveal the Universe to you. When you are paying attention to the signs, your next step is to take action on those that require it of you.

If you are unsure about the action to take, if the road doesn’t seem clear to you yet, then ask for help and guidance from someone who can see the road ahead for you. This is why it is so important to learn to get in touch with guidance, whether through a counselor or your own inner guidance. Invite the angels to reveal to you what you are to do. Talk to your guides.

And if you feel the urge to use the good china for hot dogs and beans, then do so! Take the action that you feel led to take!

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