ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: You are a Multi-Dimensional Being!

Let’s hear what The Divine Feminine say about this:

“Dear Ones,

We are The Divine Feminine and speak to you from the Realm of The Divine Feminine. This is one of the Dimensions that you have been hearing about.

There is nothing scary about dimensions or the beings that inhabit them. Our role in coming into your life is to assist you in your path of personal growth.

You can think of us as your Higher Self, that Voice of Wisdom that you hear on the inside. Some might call our messages ‘Intuition’ and that is fine, for no matter how you label the guidance that you receive, the important thing is to discern and to heed that guidance.

Consider that you are living with a Conscious Mind and an Unconscious Mind at this very moment. Your Conscious Mind is thinking about the words that you are reading and your Unconscious Mind is keeping the systems of your physical body operating without your conscious involvement. In this very same moment your Higher Conscious Mind is connecting you to spiritual dimensions that afford you the opportunity to learn and to grow and to expand your awareness and understanding.

Are you so focused on your physical experience that you are ignoring the information coming to you through your Higher Conscious Mind? Sometimes the messages are subtle, such as those contained in your nighttime dreams. Sometimes they are what you might label as ‘coincidence’ or ‘synchronicity.’ And sometimes the messages are attention-getting in their impact on your life, such as an illness or accident or relationship upheaval.

Most assuredly, however, there are messages available to you from the many Dimensions in which you dwell.

Some people have easier access to the information in these Dimensions than others and we speak through them to get the message out to the broader audience. All of you, though, have the ability to perceive messages for yourself when you listen to the guidance you are already receiving.

When we say that you must use discernment this is not to scare you or to make you concerned about so-called ‘negative energies’ or the source of your guidance. The means of discernment are simple. How do you feel when you receive the information? Does it make you feel uneasy because it contains judgment or criticism or invites you to do something about which you feel uncomfortable? Is that discomfort because you are being invited to stretch your comfort level into a new expansions of your personal growth or is there a moral component to your unease?

True guidance contains wisdom that leads you in the direction of your personal growth and spiritual expansion. You will never feel judged or criticized by a guide who is helping you to grow because every experience is a growth opportunity. If you feel uncomfortable it might be because your beliefs have led you to interpret as truth an old tape playing from your history that has nothing to do with your current lessons.

It is helpful to consult with someone who can assist you in creating clear connections to your guidance and to help you learn to discern the guidance that you can act upon and that which is coming from your beliefs and ego.

Keep thinking of yourself as a multi-dimensional human and you will learn that you have access to information, guidance, wisdom, help from many sources.

And so it is.”

Rosemary comments: Trust that you have the connections you need to be guided in your life. If you don’t feel you can hear the guidance, ask for help!


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