stellar fireworksWelcome to the change of seasons! Here in Maryland we’re experiencing the last throEs (I hope!) of hot Summer temperatures as we flirt with 90 degrees again. At least the nights are cooling off a bit. The leaves are just starting to turn colors and I look forward to their beauty in a few weeks.

Have you felt the effect of this Old Moon? We have! A little cranky, a little unwell, and a little distracted. (Confession: I discovered that I had been wearing my shirt inside out for a few hours today! Fortunately, I had not seen anyone. Then I heard that my son-in-law had done the same thing today, but worn his shirt to work that way. Ahhh, the Old Moon at work again.)

Be happy that today, Friday, October 4, 2013 the Moon joins the Sun in the sign of Libra and we have a New Moon at 8:34 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Everything shifts with a New Moon. Think of the symbol for Libra – the scales. What in your life is asking you to seek balance? Where can you share more love and beauty and peace? The New Moon invites you to shift your thinking, to manifest your desires through balance, not through ‘lack consciousness.’ Enjoy the New Moon by doing a ritual to bring in new energies of balance in your life.

We’re very excited that we’ll be offering some new events after this New Moon! On Saturday, October 19 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time we will host Satsang with Rosemary! Join us to hear me teach about spiritual topics that are important on that day and I will also channel/share a message from The Divine Feminine. Attendees may ask questions of me and/or The Divine Feminine, either personal questions or general/universal questions. In these turbulent times, it is good to reach into this other dimension for guidance and wisdom! I hope you will join me in person in Maryland, but, if you live at a distance, you can join the video conference online. No matter how we connect, you will be able to ask your questions! More information is here on My Website.

And remember that we are approaching the Celtic New Year at the end of the month (also, Halloween) so we’ll be doing a Conversation with The Other Side on All Saints’ Day, November 1 to connect with guidance and loved ones who have crossed over. These Conversations are small, intimate gatherings and each attendee receives a personal message of guidance. Check out the details here.

I have to share that I have started taking a cake decorating class with our grandson, Josh (11), and we’re having a great time! He watches ‘Cake Boss’ on TV and is loving expressing his creativity this way. What do you do that takes you away from your worries and work and gives you great delight? What can you share with a loved one that means a lot to both of you? Make a memory with this New Moon!

May you experience balance, beauty and peace in your life this week!

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