A message for you today from The Divine Feminine:

“Dear Ones,

We are here today to speak of the Heart of Humanity. This is not about the individual heart of a single person but, rather, the collective heart of the humans both alive and in spirit.

The Heart of Humanity is an energy of immense, unselfish, unconditional Love. This love for all humanity is the impetus behind humanitarian efforts of all kinds. Great spiritual teachers of all traditions have cared very deeply for the well-being of the people around them and for humanity at large. In fact, ‘humanitarian’ implies that the caring is only for human beings but this kind of caring and love extends to all Life, to all Beings, including animals and even plants.

Think of the teachings attributed to Jesus and Buddha about compassion and love for all. They were teaching about the Heart of Humanity. The Dalai Lama and other holy people of contemporary times teach the same message of caring for all.

Now notice how many preach a different story of separateness, of difference that allows one to feel ‘better than’ others, of deservedness vs. undeserving. There are those who are preaching the concepts of ‘mine vs. theirs’ with no concern for the common good. This does not come from the Heart of Humanity but from the source of greed that depends on fear of lack. This has no heart energy in it at all.

Some who claim to be religious people have embraced the teachings of separation and greed but have couched their preaching in a language that they think speaks to a common good. They have either deluded themselves into this belief or have chosen to mislead others by consciously using language to cover up the energy of greed and separation.

Great spiritual teachers offer their teachings to those who are ready to hear. They share from a place that they realize is greater than their own ego. They do not attempt to coerce or to impose their beliefs on others. They have too much respect for the free will of humans to try to convert someone to their way of thinking. They merely offer and allow the hearers to decide for themselves what they will accept.

This attitude for sharing spiritual teaching comes from the Heart of Humanity. The energy of ‘allowing’ is a more loving energy than that of ‘coercing’ or ‘converting.’ The Heart of Humanity is a gentle energy.

But this same energy can become fierce in the face of threats to the common good. When energy is needed for the preservation and protection of a group of people the Heart of Humanity spurs human helpers into action. This is the response you see in outpourings of help after disasters on Planet Earth.

The Heart of Humanity also compels people to work for the evolution of consciousness on the Planet. Teaching about the connectedness of all, that what is good for one is good for the group, that each individual has a responsibility to all others – these teachings stem from the Love and Compassion in the Heart of Humanity.

‘For the good of all.’ This does not have qualifying factors as some would propose when they separate people into groups who deserve and those who do not. When one makes a choice that seems good for an individual or small group at the expense of or that harms others, then one is not operating from within the Heart of Humanity.

‘For the good of all.’

Let this become your mantra. You cannot separate yourself from the matrix of all humanity. You can only choose how you will make your choices as one node in that matrix connected to all other nodes.

When you choose to work for the highest good of all humanity, you light up your node and add light to the entire web that connects all humans on Planet Earth. Your choices for yourself become clear as this light shines upon the possibilities. And YOU benefit from these choices as well.

The connectedness is a fact. There are those who know this fact and there are others who misguidedly believe that they are isolated from others and that they can make choices for themselves without regard for others or even at the expense of others. Sadly for them, they cannot choose to be isolated from the connection. Thus, the energy of harm stays in the energy grid and seeks to attach to like energy. It will be enhanced by similar nodes and will come back to them magnified.

This is what the traditions teach about karma. The energy you put into this grid seeks like energy and returns to your node magnified.

Choose to energize the Love and Compassion of the Heart of Humanity!

And So It Is.”

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