comet ISONWhew! We made it through another Full Moon Eclipse (on Thursday, April 25) and now we have to watch for a comet!Comet ISON will get close to the Sun on November 28, 2013 and could flare into an object bright enough to be seen during daylight. Watch for the doomsday folks to come out of the woodwork. (But those of us who are astronomy geeks are gleefully expecting some kind of show in the heavens to remind us of the grandeur of Space.)

What’s happening to help you remember that you are a part of something grander than the minutiae of our busy daily lives? This is why ‘spiritual practice’ is so important. We need to remember, to connect, to slow down and look around us.

I love writing to you each week because I feel that I can connect with each of you individually as well as the collection of folks in RosemarySpace. I am honored that you have joined me here. Is there a topic that you would like to have me write about? Please send me feedback if you have a comment or a subject that you would like to see in the MuseLetter. Instructions for a comment are under the video posted on Wednesdays here on the blog. Or, simply comment on this post! Thank you!

We’re excitedly making preparations for our new offerings and are still looking for venues for some of them. We’ll keep you posted! Many will be local, in-person offerings so please share the MuseLetter with your MD/DC friends.

May 1 is coming up this week. May Day! I think of it as the day the shops and houses in Colonial Annapolis hang baskets of beautiful flowers at their doors and we all get to think Spring. Do something for yourself on May Day to celebrate the beauty of Spring – think Ferdinand the Bull of Taurus rather than El Toro of the matadors.

Please send me an email to let me know how your spiritual practice is going. I’ll be supporting you this week! And, if you’d like some deeper support, I offer once-a-month coaching calls to help you stay focused on your path and to help you to grow in the direction you choose. If you’d like to explore this, sign up for your Complimentary Discovery Session here: FREE Session

Have a wonderful week! Notice if this eclipse has helped you to make the shifts you desire.



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