horse-head nebWelcome to RosemarySpace in the Maryland Springtime!  I’m loving the sunshine and warmer weather.  Our grandson is outside washing our car for us (for $1!) so it must be getting to be like Summer.  The ice cream truck visits every day, too.  (Which might be why Joshie wants the money!)

The heavens are supporting big changes so let’s get to work!  We have to be careful about clinging to the status quo because a fear of change can prevent our personal and even economic growth.  Are you ready for change?  The Sun is moving into the sign of Taurus on Friday, April 19 and invites us to pay attention to earthy things.  Taurus can be the raging bull or Ferdinand.  It feels more like Ferdinand this time, inviting us to smell the flowers and take time to enjoy the beauty of nature.  On Thursday, April 25th, at 3:57 pm Eastern Daylight Time we’ll have a Full Moon in Scorpio, where the Sun and Moon are opposite each other.  We’ll also have a Lunar Eclipse, which means that the Earth’s shadow will cover the Moon for a time.  From The Mountain Astrologer:  “During an eclipse, energy matrices dissolve, new codes are downloaded, and consciousness is reconfigured.”  Are you ready for transformation? 

This is a good time to re-evaluate how you are living your life.  What limiting beliefs are you ready to release?   I have some clients who use this time each year to revisit their values and the structures in their lives to see if they can dig more deeply into the unconscious blocks that hold them back from their magnificence.

This is also the time when an update to your Hand Analysis can mark any changes to your handprints and map out the focus for the coming months.  (You did know that the lines in your hands can change while your fingerprints stay the same, right?)  Every 6-12 months it’s a good idea to revisit your handprints!  If you haven’t had a Complimentary Discovery Session yet, here’s where to apply so we can check in on your best direction for moving forward. You might be ready for a Spring Tune-Up!  Free Session

We’re moving into a lovely home in Severna Park, Maryland in August that is about 10 minutes from our current home (with Mindy, Charlie and the grandkids) and around the corner from the house we lived in prior to moving to Colorado in 2000.  It’s nice to be ‘home’!  After we move we’ll be holding a lot of events and classes in our home and until then we’ve found a nice space to use so stay tuned for local Annapolis offerings of Satsang – spiritual teaching and channeled messages, Conversations with The Other Side, and classes.  Richard will also be teaching Qigong classes so we’re excited about what’s coming up for our local friends.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my book, coming out later in 2013, From Astrophysics to Metaphysics, and we still have some copies of Get Your Woman On! Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women.  This makes a great, inspirational Mother’s Day gift for that special Mother, Daughter, or Mother-Figure in your life!  Spring Special pricing here: Book Sale and I’ll be happy to sign the book to you or your gift recipient.

May you have all the beauty of Taurus in your life this week!



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