crab nebulaWelcome to Summer! I know.  We skipped ahead a bit but I’m writing this on a day when the temps hit around 90 degrees!  The cherry blossoms popped, the forsythia is beautiful, the trees are budding, and allergies are bugging a lot of people.  Welcome to the New Earth, where Mother Nature doesn’t care what our calendars are saying.  She’s letting us know who’s really in charge.

When I met with my wonderful Colorado Master Mind group via videoconference earlier this week, they were dealing with wind chills below zero.  Weather is interesting in 2013!

And so is the astrological weather! We’re in the Aries energy and the New Moon on April 10 gave us a boost in claiming our ‘Wise Warrior’ energy, according to my friend, astrologer Gloria Hesseloff.  Claim your divine masculine and move in the direction of your desires, understanding that the Wise Warrior is more in the role of protector than fighter.  We don’t need to go to war to be empowered.  Try on that Wise Warrior energy this week.

Revisit the theme for 2013 that you picked out at the beginning of the year and see how you’re doing.  Do you need to revise it?  Are you still moving in that direction?  Choose a theme for each month to use as your compass for the month.  I invite my clients to do this and it creates an energy that helps to guide the month.

Remember that, as Tax Day approaches in the US (April 15), keep yourself in the energy of gratitude.  If you’re paying taxes, that means you’re bringing in money.  If you’re driving on roads, have kids or grandkids in schools, have the security of knowing there’s an ambulance or fire truck ready to come when you need it, then you know that you have helped provide that service for yourself and others.  Keep yourself from getting upset or angry this week.  Stay in gratitude for what you DO HAVE.

I’m grateful for YOU!!! Thank you for being a part of RosemarySpace.  It’s an honor to serve you every week as we approach our fifth year of creating this newsletter every week.  And if you’re new to our community, WELCOME!!!

Remember that the bestselling book that I co-authored, Get Your Woman On!  Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women, is available until the end of the month at a reduced price!  And we’ll send you the bonuses if you order this month.  Check it out here: Book Sale

Some slots have opened up next week for readings so if you’d like to do a Spring check-in, no matter what the weather is where you are, send me an email and we’ll get you on the calendar:

Have a fantastic weekend!


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