cats-eye-nebulaHappy Passover!  Happy Easter!  Happy Full Moon!  This has been a busy week.

I can’t count how many people talked about their Full Moon Headache with this one – I hope you weren’t one of them!  But learning to work with the Cycles of the Moon is an important aspect of Dimensional Living.  The ancients knew how to plant, harvest, live in harmony with natural cycles and we modern folks have moved away from this.  I honor what’s going on in the heavens and it does help.  These News segments are designed to help you know what’s going on so you can balance your life in harmony with nature.

Here’s what our friend, Chris Largent, professor of philosophy and astrologer, says about this time:  “The aspects of the end of this week represent a rupture in consensus reality.  In other words, what we take to be true about ourselves, our community, our nation, and our planet could be challenged or expanded (or both).  My best advice is that if we see an opening in the “medieval fort” of everyday, programmed awareness, we should run through that opening.”

I hope you are ready for the shifts that are coming and that you are thinking of who you will be as we leap forward!

We’ve just finished the Rainbow Balance Color Therapy Class in Maryland and are getting ready to offer the next session in a webinar format.  Would you like to learn how to use Color and Intuition for healing yourself and others?  Look for the new class in May!

I’ve been working on my own healing journey recently as I prepare for major changes/restructuring in my work.  Nothing’s wrong, I’m just clearing so that I can better serve as spiritual teacher/healer to the wonderful community that welcomes me.  Look for a lot more offerings of classes and group events.  I continue to work on my book which I hope to publish this Summer.

How are you healing?  Changing?  Restructuring?  Ask yourself what your ‘News’ might be.  It’s time to ‘run through that opening.’  If you haven’t had a Complimentary Discovery Session yet, Apply Here so we can explore what you are ready to shift!

Happy April Fools Day!  No tricks here.  Well, it’s not April 1st yet…


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