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We finally have some snow!  I think we went through all of last winter in Maryland without this much snow, so it’s fun. (We have 1-2 inches but it’s still pretty, when viewed from inside a nice warm house!)  I love Winter and I know that many of you are wishing you were Down Under wearing a sundress and enjoying the heat.

But Winter is the time when we are invited to go inside and retreat.  To do the ‘inner cave’ work, to reflect, to analyze, to wonder, to ponder and to plan.  Are you giving yourself time to do that inner work these days?  Or are you gung-ho to get things done, to be busy, busy, busy?  Think about the weather and how it helps you to make the decision to hole up for a bit.

When people lived by the seasons and not by the clock they brought the animals into the house and lived within the warm safety of their space, eating what they had prepared and heating the home with wood they had gathered.  This is the time to really examine yourself and your life and your purpose and your calendar.  And if you’re one of our RosemarySpace members from the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy your Summer!  Your Winter will be here before you know it.

The Full Moon happens on Saturday, January 26 at11:38 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Great time to reach into your emotional closet and discard anything that doesn’t serve your personal growth.  Check your environment, too, for any objects or colors that seem to hold you back into who you were instead of supporting you in who you are becoming.  The Sun has moved into the astrological sign of Aquarius – which means that the Moon is in the opposite sign when it is Full.  This Leo Full Moon highlights the archetypal truths of both Leo and Aquarius – that every one of us is a unique spark of the divine and an inseparable part of the web of life.  We all have a special gift and role to play.  [The Mountain Astrologer]

Have you identified your unique spark of the divine?  This would be a great time to have your hands read! You can learn not only your Life Purpose in a scientific hand analysis session but also your Life Lesson and your Life School.  Good info to help you going forward!  Here’s where to get more details about this life changing work: Scientific Hand Analysis

And there’s still time for a 15 for 50 Compass Call!  I have a few slots left as I am helping folks get the guidance to confirm their plans for 2013 or get them out of the confusion about what to do next.  It’s a great way to get on track for your best year yet!  15 minutes in private with me for only $50!  Sign up here and we’ll get you on the schedule:

Hope to see you in person soon! Check out the ‘Where’s Rosemary?’ section and join me!  Stay warm if you’re also in the snow!


P.S. If you were on the Wisdom of the Week [WOW] Calls at the end of 2012 you know that we received some powerful guidance from The Divine Feminine each week.  And the recordings of these calls are still available. Here’s how you can get the audios of the 8 messages. The first one was recorded on the night that Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power here on the East Coast and caused so much destruction north of here – we did the call by candlelight!  Get the Audios Here


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