It’s mid-January – do you know where your year is?  2013 is the post 2012 era beginning with all the energy to support your transformation.  We’re feeling it here!  Time for new activities, upleveled offerings, connections with new networks.  All the energy of The Shift that led up to its culmination at the Solstice in December 2012 is now propelling us to act on the transformation we’ve experienced.

I hope you take this to heart without discounting the language because you are a part of the transformation on Planet Earth for the 21st Century.  How cool is that?

What’s your vision for this year?  Have you identified it yet?  NOW is the time to get clarity so that your year can be planned to support your vision.  I still have some 15 for 50 slots left so let me know if you’d like some help in getting that clear picture of your direction for this year.  Things are really popping and we don’t want to slide through the year without a plan!  Here’s where to sign up for your 15-minute Compass Call – a chance to spend 15 minutes with me to get your Compass pointed in the right direction to manifest your vision for this year with guidance from many dimensions. This shopping cart button will get you on my schedule soonest:

There seems to be such hope in the air as folks are turning toward their dreams.  I love hearing BIG dreams and visions as people reach beyond what they can see into the field of all possibilities.  If you’re clear about your VISION FOR 2013 or if you work with me in a 15 for 50 Compass Call then send me an email with a phrase defining your vision and I’ll put it on my altar to energize with you as we move more deeply into this year.  Let me stand with you to help you make your dream year come true!

It’s been great fun to help so many people so far this year learn their Life Purpose, Life School, Life Lesson through Scientific Hand Analysis.  Helping people focus on their Purpose and make peace with their Lesson means they can develop plans for this year based on who they were born to be, as shown to them in the markings in their handprints.  YOU are unique, as your unique fingerprints show you.  Why not decode the rest of the messages in your hand so that you can use every tool you were born with?  Give yourself the gift of knowledge about who you are with a Scientific Hand Analysis! Learn more here.

Richard and I are starting up several new activities in Annapolis in the next 2 months.  Would you like to join us for a monthly Celebration?  How about singing Sanskrit chants in a gathering called Kirtan? [No musical talent required!]  We’ll let you know the specifics of each event in a separate email so watch your inbox!

Here in America we are celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday on January 21st and we’re also inaugurating our re-elected president.  No matter your politics, this is a special time of beginnings.  Open yourself to new options for your life.

Remember that your thoughts create your reality so think good thoughts this week!  Keep bringing in whatever you desire by thinking new thoughts until the Full Moon next weekDream BIG for 2013!





P.S. If you were on the Wisdom of the Week [WOW] Calls at the end of 2012 you know that we received some powerful guidance from The Divine Feminine each week.  And the recordings of these calls are still availableHere’s how you can get the audios of the 8 messages.  The first one was recorded on the night that Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power here on the East Coast and caused so much destruction north of here – we did the call by candlelight!  Get the Audios Here


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