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Happy New Year! Welcome to the first MuseLetter for 2013.  We made it through that transformative year of 2012 and we’re ready to make the quantum leap we’ve been awaiting, right?  How was 2012 for you?

If you’re like most of my clients, friends and acquaintances, you experienced a lot of change during 2012.  From the perspective of looking back on the year, can you see how you were invited to leap forward in your level of consciousness?  What challenges did you face and what lessons did you learn from them?  This is the best reflection you can do to gain the most from the past year.

And so we look forward to 2013 and the wonder of the surprises in store for us.  Are you excited?  Worried?  Trepidatious?  Hang in there!

Thank you for being a part of RosemarySpace in 2012 and for moving forward with us into the unknowns of 2013.  I’m excited!  So many of you are asking to learn your Life Purpose through a Scientific Hand Analysis session that I am encouraged about how magical 2013 can be for you when you focus on living your Purpose.  If you’ve been meaning to do this and haven’t had your session yet, now is a great time to get this information to help guide you into the New Year!  Learn more here!

We’ll be introducing a MasterMind Program for long-term mentoring clients to work together in a group to make even greater leaps forward in 2013.  In March we’re unveiling the Rainbow Balance Color Therapy™ Course and we’ll be certifying practitioners in this new healing therapyLate Spring I’ll be offering a Retreat at the Beach for renewal and relaxation – fun!!!

Richard and I are also offering several activities in the Annapolis, Maryland area on a monthly basis and we’d love to have you join us.  If you’re local and interested, please send me an email and we’ll add you to the announcement list.

And, as always, I am here to support you on your journey.  Please let me know how you are doing as we turn the corner on the calendar and embark on the new path.

We are excited about the coming year!  We’re in the energy of an Old Moon this week, leading up to the New Moon on Friday, January 11th, so this is a good time to release whatever you are clinging to that belongs in the past with 2012.  Let go! And turn your eyes forward.  Thanks for sharing the journey into the future with us!

P.S. If you were on the Wisdom of the Week [WOW] Calls at the end of 2012 you know that we received some powerful guidance from The Divine Feminine each week.  We’re giving you an opportunity to hear those messages again, or for the first time if you weren’t able to join us.  Here’s how you can get the audios of the 8 messages. The first one was recorded on the night that Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power here on the East Coast and caused so much destruction north of here – we did the call by candlelight!  Get the Audios Here


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