MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Be the Seed and GROW!

Dear Ones,

It is with the expectation that you will continue to grow that we share this message with you. You are as a seed that has been planted in the fertile soil of the Earth garden. The Mother Earth who loves you and who asked that you be planted on her surface gives you tender, nourishing care, with water and nutrients and Sunlight. You are held in the supportive hands that help you to grow.

Are you as committed to your own growth as Mother Earth is to supporting that very growth? Or are you willing to stay where you are, locked in the beliefs that have held you in place for so long? Now is the time to decide. Now is the time to choose.

Those who choose the path of personal growth will commit Time and Treasure to that path. Are you willing to join this group? Know that you will have every support, every resource should you choose this. Who will be your teacher, your guide, your mentor? Who  will be with you on the journey as your cohort, your colleagues, your fellow students? Be wise about these choices!

For when you are on a path of personal growth you must surround yourself with those who are on a similar path. If you attempt to partner with someone who is not committed to their growth or who desires to hold you back from yours, then your growth will be stymied and you will spend your energy staying in place instead of moving forward. This is not to pass a judgment on others, but to encourage you to find people with whom you can share your journey who will support you. The others must find their own way.

Many of you may be examining relationships as you read this, wondering if these relationships are right for you at this time. Make the decision now, for it is time for you to propel yourself forward, and being connected to someone, some circumstance, some job or location, that does not support your growth is like having an anchor of concrete chained to your ankle. It is time to grow.

Are you afraid? Is it really the fear that you believe it to be or is it another, more subtle, fear that is holding you back? Examine your fears. Do you fear your own abilities? Your lack of funds? Your confusion about the next step? Or do you fear your own inner power? Your greatness? Your Light? Be honest with yourself.

Commit to your growth. Find others with whom to share the path. Find your tribe. And when you commit to your growth, add the commitment of Time and Treasure. Are you willing to spend your most precious resource, your Time, on activities for your personal growth? Or is this a priority that is left for when everything else on your to-do list is done? Are you willing to commit your Treasure, your money, to this task or are you only looking for that which you can obtain for free so that you are sending the Universe a signal that you aren’t totally committed to your growth?

Seeking growth does not have to require a lot of your Time or your Treasure, but your commitment must be backed up energetically with that which is important to you. Even if you feel you don’t have much money at your disposal at the moment, what are you spending that money on? Perhaps you feel led to support a charity or cause that moves you, or you have found a class you would like to attend, or a book you would like to read or a mentor with whom you would like to work? Learn to ask yourself if your inner guidance is directing you to make that choice. Perhaps you can hire the mentor and borrow the book from the library, or give a donation of time to the cause or charity while paying for the class you wish to take. Ask yourself WHY and HOW you are making your decisions. Are you constantly moving in the direction of your personal growth?

Avoid those who wish to go backward, stay in place, or to hold you back from your growth. There is no time now to slow down!
Choose to grow and you will have all the resources you require! Go confidently in the direction of your growth and you will reach your dreams!

And so it is.

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