We’re in Colorado packing and connecting and doing all that one does the week before moving out! Thank you to all our amazing friends who are helping us with this chore – it’s great to be so supported!

Richard and I celebrated our 29th Anniversary and are now looking forward to our mutual birthday on August 2nd. [There is still the opportunity for YOU to benefit from the birthday celebration with a special offer on a 20-minute Wisdom Connections Reading for only my new age – $64Click Here and use coupon code WHENIM64.  We’ll be loading the truck on our birthday and then I fly back to Maryland while Richard drives the route. Please hold us in safe space as the next two weeks unfold!

Our birthdays fall on the Full Moon, which occurs at 11:27 pm Eastern Daylight Time on August 1st. This is the perfect time to be saying ‘goodbye’ to our house in Colorado Springs, Colorado which will then belong to a new family. What can you say ‘goodbye’ to on August 2nd? What are you ready to let go out of your life so that something new can come in? Celebrate!

This is also the Feast of Lughnasadh [Lammas] which is a Celtic festival of the harvest, the first day of reaping what has been sown and is growing in the fields. Celebrate the harvest in your life! What are you reaping? And if you don’t like it, then sow something else!

As we celebrate the changes in our personal lives, we are moving in new directions with the offerings through The Scientific Mystic and Church of A New Alliance. Look for the online Spiritual Exploration Group where you can join like-minded Explorers of Ideas ONLINE each month for Discussion, not Dogma! And we are still accepting tax-deductible donations to the Church to assist in the move to the East Coast so that we can move even more offerings to the online community. There are some nice gifts for different levels of donations so please check out the Church website HERE — there are also some pictures of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire there as well.

Have a great time this week as the Sun is in magnificent, fiery Leo! Love and Fun for you! [And not just because it is a great month for a birthday!]


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