MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Healing in Higher Consciousness

Dear Ones,

Healing arrives in many forms beyond that of the curing of a disease. Healing appears when one has experienced the level of personal growth that allows a new perspective to be placed upon a situation that was distressful in the earlier consciousness. Healing occurs in relationships when a party can see the relationship in a new light and understand a deeper meaning than the obvious circumstances present.

Healing takes on many shapes throughout a person’s life and, often, it is healing that is needed when the person is seeking a cure.

Have you ever had a situation in your life where all you wanted was to find ‘the fix,’ the one thing that would make everything else all right? Have you ever sought ‘the key,’ the one thing that you needed to turn in the lock and unlock the solution so that everything would be all right? Have you ever sought ‘the one,’ the one person who would love you just as you are and who would make everything all right?

That is like seeking a cure without looking for the healing that might be available.

Healing your life is more important than curing particular situations or circumstances. Loving yourself is the key to finding love with another person. Being on a path of personal growth opens you up to opportunities that you might not have seen because you were looking for something on a different path that did not offer you as much growth. Raising the level of your consciousness is more important than fixing your circumstances.

Seek higher consciousness FIRST. Open yourself to new ways of thinking, believing, seeing before you spend your energy on trying to create solutions to the problems you see. Maybe the problem is with your seeing, not with the circumstance!

The first question to ask yourself is, What is the message in these circumstances? And then, What am I to learn here?

When you start your inquiry with these questions you will move your consciousness into an expanded awareness that brings in all the new information that you need to see things differently. If you start with the seeking of solutions you might narrow your focus so far that you cannot see the opportunities before you. If you throw up your hands because you do not see how to ‘fix’ the problem then you will stop exploring before you experience the personal growth available to you in the circumstance.

Life is a continual exploration of how you can expand your awareness, your understanding, your consciousness. Personal growth isn’t an exercise in finding ‘fixes’ – rather, it is an exploration of how you might expand your consciousness to reach higher and higher levels of awareness.

What you will find is that the opportunities available to you at ever higher levels of consciousness are much more attractive than the circumstances you were trying to ‘fix’ at the lower levels of awareness.

Truly, growing in consciousness can be its own reward! This is where the healing lives.

And so it is.

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