We are feeling a bit like refugees must feel! We escaped the wildfire in Colorado Springs where our house was surrounded by our neighbors’ burning homes! Then while in Annapolis, Maryland we were hit by a storm that has knocked out power for the past several days. So, we escaped to a friend’s house to charge all of our communications devices and gain respite from 100 degree heat!

To say it’s been an unusual summer so far is radical understatement! Meanwhile life goes on! I hope to see you under more “normal” circumstances soon!

***eWomenNetwork: 12th Annual International Conference and Business Expo***
July 12 to 15, 2012 You’re invited to the largest 4-day Women’s Business Conference in North America! This has become an annual Must-Do event for me and I would love to share it with you.

Meet friends, meet new colleagues, associates and clients, attend great sessions with excellent content, share your gifts…

Imagine having access to thousands of businesswomen from all over North America who want to learn about you and what you have to offer! Through our exclusive “Accelerated Networking” process you’ll be overwhelmed by the volume of authentic connections and outpouring of support, opportunities and resources you will receive.

I hope to see you there!

Check it out here!

***The Daily Muse***
Every weekday morning I show up in your email queue, but only if you have subscribed! Yes, I post a daily video message of inspiration on my website. And you too can receive it by subscribing below. The messages are short, one-to-two minutes, to help jump-start your day with a smile, a new idea, creative energy to help you live more consciously. And they are FREE!

Here’s what Mickey had to say about a recent message:

Love your definition of intuition. “Intuition is the souls’ path to your highest good.”

If you are already a subscriber I’d love to hear what you are getting from these messages!

Subscribe for FREE

***Waldo Canyon Fire***
Current: The fire is now 45% contained; the firefighters seem to have a good handle on it! Our community of Mountain Shadows remains evacuated but residents were allow in to visit their homes today. Our neighbor and a dear friend were able to assess our house and property; they reported everything is in very good shape with no apparent damage at all! Wow!

Prayers alway help! Continued prayers for the firefighters and for all who have lost their homes are still needed!


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