Happy May! I love the beauty of May in the Mid-Atlantic States of the US, but I also had a chance to visit Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest where the rhododendrons and azaleas are in bloom – magnificent! Nature’s beauty abounds!

Today’s theme is about seeing the beauty that is on the other side of Doorways of Opportunity. How easy it is to be afraid to step through the door but there is beauty on the other side, even if it is only the beauty of a lesson to be learned. Step through the Doorways of Opportunity that open up for you this week!

One that opened for me last week was a trip to Portland to use up a free airline ticket. What an opportunity! I had an amazing time with my beautiful ‘sister’ Linda Bard and the Conversation with The Other Side there was awesome! A group of fabulous folks joined us and the messages were special. Can’t wait to do it again! And I’ve made a bunch of new friends because I stepped through that doorway and flew across country for the weekend.

If you weren’t able to join us in person in Portland last weekend, you can hook up online TONIGHT, Friday, May 4 at 7:00 pm Eastern Time for an ONLINE Conversation with The Other Side. Join us and receive guidance from your angels, spirit guides, loved ones who have crossed over, and have some fun, too. Click Here for more info.

The message today is to focus on your personal growth. Do you work with a mentor now? Would you like to? I am opening up my schedule to take on some more clients to work with across the year. And I will still be doing private 1-to-1 sessions as well. If you’d like to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session we can explore where you are today and what the Doorways of Opportunity look like for you going forward. Here’s how to start that process: Click Here

Tomorrow [Saturday, May 5, 11:35 pm Eastern Time] is the Full Moon in Scorpio. The Sun is in earthy Taurus when the Moon enters transformative Scorpio. Let go of all the old stuff and step through to your transformation. Change your thinking. What old tapes have been playing in your head that are no longer playing beautiful music? Get rid of them! Bring in the beauty that you see through the doorway by stepping through to gather the flowers that are there. Enjoy the energy of that new beauty!

Have a beautiful week!

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