Hope you had a great celebration of Mardi Gras this past week! We had a bonfire for getting rid of some old stuff and then had a pancake dinner to honor the tradition of the night before Lent begins. I did a little research to discover why we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and it comes from old times in Europe where the celebration included eating food typically not eaten [for penance] during the Christian season of Lent. Since Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, the last night to eat the rich foods [fat, butter, eggs] was on ‘Fat Tuesday,’ or Mardi Gras in French.

Most people don’t give something up during Lent anymore, although I remember giving up chocolate or candy or a favorite TV show when I was growing up. I think it’s more important in these times to bring in something new and embrace a practice or new habit during the days leading up to the Springtime. Why not decide to do some practice for personal growth? Journal, meditate, get out in nature. Get with a buddy or coach or mentor and explore some new ideas. Figure out what your Life Purpose really is and commit to living that purpose.

If you’d like to create some strategies around moving forward with your personal growth, I invite you to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with me so we can discuss some ideas for you. Here’s the link to fill out the application and we’ll contact you about scheduling your session: FREE Session Application

We had a great time at the last online Conversation with The Other Side and I’m thinking of getting one on the schedule for the Springtime if there’s enough interest. Please send me an email if you’d like to join us and hear a message from The Divine Feminine while receiving personal guidance for your life from an angel, spirit guide or loved one on The Other Side. Email me at

We’re receiving great feedback from folks who are enjoying The Daily Muse, a free video email Tip for Conscious Living that’s sent out every Monday through Friday. Haven’t subscribed yet? Here’s where: You’ll get to hear me give a 1-2 minute message for each day. Please smile back at the video!

In this Waxing Moon energy after Fat Tuesday’s New Moon, be sure you are planting something that you wish to have grow until the Full Moon and beyond. What newness are you looking for in your life?

Have a week filled with moments of confidence!


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