Have you signed up for The Daily Muse yet? It’s been fun generating these daily email video messages to help you focus on living a conscious life. My gift to you wonderful members of the RosemarySpace community. I hope you are enjoying them! If you are, please tell your friends to sign up and we’d love to hear from you about the value of a gentle reminder to look around you with eyes of Light at how you can grow in consciousness each day. To sign up, go here The Daily Muse

Last Tuesday’s Full Moon was a doozy! Some are felt more strongly than others but this one hit on my Leo Sun and I could feel it. Notice how you feel and what happens around you as you become more aware of the cycle of the Moon. For example, 7 of the 7 of us in this household didn’t feel well in the hours leading up to the Full Moon. That’s a high percentage! Not sure that’s ever happened before, so isn’t it interesting that it happened at Full Moon time? Just something to think about.

There are several events coming up and I’m hoping that I’ll see you at some of them. Please check the list to see where we can hook up.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner have you thought about an unusual gift for your Honey? How about a Gift Certificate for a Message from The Muse? Or a Life Purpose Discovery Session? You can download and print the attractive certificate after purchase as a very special gift. Here’s where to get the details: Valentine’s Certificate

I’ve been redesigning programs to better serve you so look for some more information coming to you in separate emails. It’s time to use the power of 2012 for your personal growth!

Have a powerful week!


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