I’m wondering where Winter is – it’s been very mild here in Maryland and seems hard to believe that it is February already. The beginning of February brings lots of celebratory days – Groundhog’s Day, Imbolc, the Feast of St. Brigit, The Feast of St. Blaise with its throat blessings [you can google these to learn what they are if you’re not familiar with them but they are all celebrated February 1 – 3]. This is the cross-quarter day in the calendar, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, where the days begin to be visibly longer for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. There is more light in the day and that helps to remind us to shine our own light more brightly in the world, as Father Sun is doing. [February 2nd is also Richard’s and my half-birthday, 6 months after our mutual August 2nd birthday. We honor it so that we can get 2 celebrations in the year.]

On Tuesday, February 7 there is a Full Moon in Leo at 4:54 pm Eastern Time [the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in Aquarius] and we are being asked to give more, to shine our lights out there in the world. Be like the bright Full Moon and shine the light of your inner Sun out for all to see.

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Enjoy your week and remember to Be The Light!


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