MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Is Personal Growth Work Really Important?

Dear Ones,

In your personal energy field there are many levels containing different vibrations and these levels are all controllable by you. But, first, you must become aware of these levels so that you can become conscious of what is happening at each level.

The densest energy, that is, the lowest vibrational frequency, occurs in your physical body. Here you are acting at the level of the human being, the one who became human by taking its first breath of the atmosphere of Mother Earth at birth. The vibrational level of your human body can pull down the other energy bodies if it is operating at too low a level. This is why you must pay attention to your physical body if you would lead a conscious life.

The next densest energy happens at the emotional level, as your emotions are generated by feelings and occur within your physical body. They are also stored in your physical body as well as the energetic emotional body so you must be careful to fully experience your emotions in order that you might complete them and, thus, avoid storing unfinished emotions in both your emotional body and your physical body. This is why you must do your emotional personal growth work always so that you are not being affected by unconscious energy from unfinished emotions. You cannot live a conscious life if you are holding onto unfinished emotions.

At the next level your mental body is vibrating at the frequency of your thoughts. This is where you begin attracting other energies into your bodies through the vibration of the thoughts that emanate from your mental body. What thoughts are you projecting out into the Universe as your magnets? What level of consciousness do you choose to inhabit with your thinking? It is very important that you examine your thoughts, your thought patterns, your habits, your unconscious ‘control center,’ and constantly monitor your speaking patterns and habits to learn what thoughts they reflect. Becoming conscious of the vibrations of your thoughts leads you to take control of your life in a very powerful way. Control your thoughts and you control of the direction that your life will take.

Your spiritual body is the place where your deeply-held beliefs manifest as vibrations that can soar to the highest levels. It is at this level that you connect with Source Energy in the Universe. What do you believe? About yourself, the cosmos, your place in the Universe, your Life Purpose, the meaning of your life and existence on Planet Earth? Beliefs exist within you as if they are ultimate Truth that cannot be changed but that understanding is not true. Beliefs are embraced because they are offered and accepted, constantly being available to examination when one is living a conscious life. How often do you examine your beliefs about your world and your life in it? This is perhaps the most important work that you can do – to examine your beliefs and to ask if you wish to continue believing that which you discover. Changing your beliefs allows the vibrational frequencies of all the other levels to be raised accordingly. The powerful effect of working with yourself at the level of what you believe can make profound changes in how you live your life.

The personal work of examining these levels of yourself is an ongoing process, not something that you do once and forget about. If you choose to live your Life Purpose and to live a conscious life, then you will be examining your physical health, your emotions, your thoughts and your beliefs regularly to keep them consistent with your evolution as a conscious human being.

Find the process and support that keeps you in the mode of examining yourself and your life so that you can continue to grow in consciousness and live a conscious life.

And so it is.


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