It’s almost May and we’re still seeing snowflakes!  Springtime in the Rockies can mean very changeable weather.  Yesterday snow, today 70s and sunshine.  And our thoughts and prayers go out for those who were in the path of the tornados that caused awful damage in several US states.  Our daughter and her family spent time in their basement in Maryland while their area was under a tornado warning. Thankfully, the severe weather passed by them without damage or harm.  Many in other areas were not so fortunate.

At times like this we do think of ourselves as members of the human community.  In an instant a tornado can flatten a house or destroy a school or flip over a car.  This is when we realize that it could happen to us.  One house is destroyed and the house across the street is not. What makes the difference?  As you read the Mystic Message today think about how you are connected to others in your community.  It is time for us to remember that connection in all that we do.

One of my favorite ways to work is to offer a connection with other realms, in the form of Conversations with The Other Side.  In these fun events everyone receives a message from an angel, a spirit guide or a loved one who has crossed over.  If you would like to host this event in your home, just invite 6-12 of your friends and you can attend for free!  We always learn a lot while having fun at these Conversations!

Email me for more information:

And for those of you in Colorado Springs we’ll be meeting at the Little Nepal Restaurant on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 6:30 pm for dinner and discussion.  The Spiritual Exploration Group meets on the first Monday of every month and in May the topic we’ll be discussing is ‘Living in Harmony with Mother Earth.’  Please join us!  We might be discussing further the Hum of the Universe!

New Moon on Tuesday, May 3 at 12:51 am MDT.  Remember to invite something new into your life after letting go of the old before Tuesday morning.  Have a wonderful week.


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