With the tragedy in Japan still unfolding, we decided to do something different with this week’s ezine.  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember that a couple of weeks ago, I had a dream about a disaster with bodies floating in water.  The women’s response to that disaster was to help each other to survive.  I recently received an email that contained a woman’s description of how the people in her area of Japan are responding to this disaster and it reminded me of The Feminine Way to be in the world – communal, supportive, sharing, nurturing, helpful.

So this week we’re sharing with you that woman’s story, a recap of the dream I had, and some notes from me on both.

I ask that you pray for the people affected by the disaster in Japan with your heart and mind open.  Keep visualizing healing for that area.  Do not allow fear-mongerers to take you into fear for yourself.  Let your energy be of a higher vibration, of The Light.

Be careful this week as we have a Full Moon on Saturday, March 19th, followed by the Spring Equinox when the hours of daylight and darkness are in balance on March 20th.  This is the beginning of the astrological new year, when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries.  A whole new year of new energies.  Are you feeling the excitement of new beginnings?  The Full Moon at the Equinox invites us to finally let go of whatever has been holding us back.  Let go of the clutter in your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Release those old ideas and bring in the new.

We’re heading back to LA this week to attend Baeth Davis’ Hand Analysis Training.  It is so exciting to be learning how your unique fingerprints hold a message for you about your Life Purpose!



One Response to “NEWS FROM ROSEMARY”

  1. Gloria Hamilten Says:

    Hello Rosemary,
    I’ve just subscribed to your blog. I was really interested in the astrologiccal information and new energies emerging.
    We on earth could certainly use a change in energies so that we stop tormenting Earth and Nature as we have been.
    I found your dream fascinating. You are a lightworker though, that’s for sure.
    I’ll now be exploring your blog further. I’m glad to now know about it.
    Till next time,

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