This week the Ezine looks a little different. (See the blog posts on Monday and Tuesday. Or you can subscribe at  I’ve been led to share with you a dream I had recently.  It was very powerful.

Have you had dreams like that, the ones where you wake up just knowing that there’s a deeper meaning for you when you examine the dream?  Do you know how to help yourself remember your dreams?  Would you like to learn about discovering the message in your dreams?

Because of this experience I have decided that, if enough people are interested in looking at their dreams, I will offer my class, ‘Discover the Message in Your Dreams’ again soon.  If you’d like to take this class, please send me an email and let me know if you’d like to participate via video conference, where we could see each other and you could see diagrams, etc. on your computer, or if you would only like to do this in person in Colorado Springs.  Email me at and I’ll see about scheduling this class.

Have a wonderful week and notice your dreams, even if you only remember a snippet of one.  There’s meaning there for you!



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