THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Feeling fear? It’s only a signal to help you live a Conscious Life!

Dear Ones,

There is so much fear in the world in the 21st Century!  We are concerned that some of you know ONLY the feeling of fear, not joy or happiness or peace or contentment.  We wish that you could learn to dispel the fear that arises within you.

Here is why this is so important for you.  Fear is a very limiting emotion.  It causes you to create for yourself scenarios of disaster that have not yet occurred and your body and mind react to these fabrications of doom.  Your physical body must generate chemicals in response to the images that you conjure up in your imagination because that is its job, even though those images are imagined and not real.  Fear is a response to a stimulus, often coming from outside you but sometimes from thoughts of distress that you create yourself.  And there are many who believe that if they can keep you in fear of something [anything!] then they can control you.

Our wish for you, Dear One, is that you be empowered to resist efforts to control you with fear and that you find a way to live in peace, harmony and contentment so that you can, instead, experience joy in your life.  This requires, though, that you learn to use the feeling of fear as a signal that you feel out of control about some situation about which you have expectations.  Think about that statement, for if you have expectations then you are creating possible scenarios in your mind and you are reacting to those imagined scenarios.  What if something else were to happen in the future, something other than the scary scenario that you pictured?  What good would have come from the fear that you generated for yourself?  Think about fear, whether you create it yourself or someone outside of you causes you to feel fear, as merely an indicator that you are to pause and become conscious about your current situation.  Remember, fear is an emotion created in response to thoughts, sometimes to thoughts of a future that has not materialized yet.  Your body only knows that fear means there is danger and its response to danger is to create the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism readiness in your physical body.  In the 21st Century, however, there are probably not as many life or death situations as there were millennia ago in human history.

Practice using the feeling of fear as a signal that you are to examine your current situation and the thoughts that you are having in that moment of feeling fear.  Are you fully in the present moment?  Or are you considering something that has not happened yet or that might or might not occur in the future?  Are you responding to an indicator that there is an action you must take now or are you anticipating a scenario that is not real in the present moment?

If you decide that you are truly in danger, then take the most appropriate action for that situation to remove yourself from the danger.  That is the purpose of feeling fear – an indication that there is something threatening you and you must take an action in that moment.  But considering your options and examining the perceived danger vs. the real danger is an important step in living a Conscious Life.  Are you reacting to a news report because there is an immediate danger to you in your current situation or are you reacting to an attempt to manipulate you into fear so that you will take the action that someone else wishes you to take, while they are hoping that you will not pause and consider the reality of the situation?  Move to safety if there is a tornado heading toward your home but don’t jump to a conclusion about a political situation because someone has told you a piece of information that might not be valid.

We hope that you can see the differences we have pointed out.  USE the feeling of fear to open yourself to wider vistas of possibilities and solutions, not to narrow down your thoughts to the single option proposed by someone else.  And do not be afraid to feel fear – it is a natural human emotion.  DO, however, choose to observe and examine the fear for its message so that you can keep from being controlled by that emotion.

Feel the fear and get the message being offered to you.  THEN take the appropriate action!

And so it is.


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