Richard’s & Rosemary’s Divination for 2013

Hello, all! Happy New Year, 2013!

We have been enjoying some time with family and away from work and computers for the past few days! Thank you for that! And today, Richard drew a couple of cards for his daily practice and it turns out he drew the same card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue that I had drawn yesterday, on December 31. Coincidence? We prefer to dismiss coincidence and rely on synchronicity!

We have chosen to share our divination for 2013 with you all. Let this be our community fortune, from RosemarySpace:Lakshmi

From the Goddess Cards: Lakshmi, Bright Future: Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.

The only blocks to success, peace, balance, flow, are our own projections of problems, obstacles, fears into the future! Yes, indeed, project only positive aspects into the future and pull them back into the present. Stay in flow and the bright future flows to us. Stay in balance and all obstacles become gateways! Stay in Peace and the world around is a place of peace.

And, from The Crowley Tarot, The 10 of Disks: Wealth.

This card is about inner and outer balance to maintain a constant flow. As we recognize and own our inner treasures, the outer treasures will manifest. This card represents the completion of goals and the peak of Earthly happiness. By year-end our resolutions will be attained, goals achieved and material gain will be substantial.10 of Discks

These are the words Richard wrote.

We take these cards as wonderful omens for 2013! We have written often about 2012 as the year of transformation. We are in process of deep change. And with deep change come rich rewards. “It’s in the cards!”

May your 2013 be a year of rewards! May you Live Your Richest Life!


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