THE MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Got Confidence?

Dear Ones,

Confidence. What does that word bring up for you? Do you feel confident in Life? Do you feel confident in your abilities in one area of your life but not in another? Do you worry that you are inadequate in all areas of life or do you compare yourself to others and feel that they are all better than you are?

We wish to give you a new definition of ‘confidence.’ Confidence is not feeling that you know everything you can about a situation, skill or circumstance. It is especially not about knowing everything you can about another person. Rather, Confidence is an awareness that you are doing the best you can in any given moment. True Confidence comes from BEING the person you incarnated on Planet Earth to BE. It really has nothing to do with what you are doing or how well you are being judged, or judging yourself, on your performance at a task.

When you have this kind of True Confidence in yourself, you see yourself as a part of the unfolding plan within an unfolding Universe and your consciousness is about your place in that plan. Confidence rests on the level of consciousness that you bring to a situation. Your awareness of your Life Purpose and your commitment to living that purpose bring you the confidence that you need to excel at being YOU. How well do you know YOU and who you came to Earth to BE?

Those who appear to you to have immense stores of confidence may be covering up feelings of inadequacy with a public bravado that has no relationship to their actual level of confidence or ability. Stop comparing yourself to them. It really doesn’t matter to you and your living your own Life Purpose whether they are committed to living their purpose. Their outward appearance of an apparent level of confidence really has no bearing on you and your level of confidence so stop giving it any importance.

Be confident that you are the best YOU you can be in this present moment. If you are facing a challenge, look for the lesson. If you are feeling good about yourself, then feel good. If you are feeling less than confident, then think about a time when you felt confident in the past and remember that feeling. If you are unsure about your Life Purpose, then get some help in figuring that out for yourself.

The Plan is unfolding. The Universe is working things out so that everyone can have all the resources they need to fulfill the Life Purpose they incarnated on Earth to live. Your only job is to continue to grow in consciousness, in awareness. To be committed to your own personal growth. To show up and support others in their own personal growth, even if they are making choices that you feel are not the best for them.

Be who you came to Earth to be and allow others the space to do the same. Go confidently into your day, each day, knowing that you, and everyone else, are doing the best you can with the resources you have at any given moment.

And so it is.

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