THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are your conversations from a Conscious Perspective?

Dear Ones,

Look around you at the people with whom you surround yourself.  Do they have a positive energy with them?  Do they think of possibilities or do they focus on failures, regrets and what might have been?  What do you speak of with them?  Do you allow the people around you to guide the conversation or do you participate or even steer the conversation to those topics that are uplifting?  Do you consider solutions or do you cut off discussions before solutions can be defined?

Think about the art of conversation and how you participate with others.  Think about the others and the kinds of conversations you have with them, individually and collectively.  Do you feel expanded by the interactions?  Can you see another possibility when you discuss an idea with that person?

It is time to take control of the conversations among people because rhetoric is replacing true exploration.  In many parts of the world people do not engage in conversation because all of their energy is going toward their survival.  The freedom to carry on a conversation goes along with having survival assured in one’s life.  Consider the societies where conversation is an important part of one’s day.  Sitting at the coffee shop or patisserie, around the water cooler in an office, over lunch with friends or colleagues, over a meal at home with the family.  What topics are discussed?  Are they ideas, philosophies, gossip, rants, complaints?

Ideas have a high vibration energy to them, as do philosophies.  When one stays with an idea it can stimulate thinking, mental activity and creativity.  A philosophical discussion can spur one into considering the field of all possibilities, thus expanding the horizons of thought.

The other topics above take one into a lower vibration and cause a contraction of one’s energy, often into an unconscious protective stance.  Gossip about others creates an unconscious fear of being gossiped about oneself.  Complaints cause one to focus on a problem and not on a solution.

You can always take a conversation and turn it into something of higher vibration by gently steering the discussion into higher planes, addressing solutions or ideas or taking a different, higher perspective on the topic.  When someone is mired down in a problem or an issue, it is often up to the other person to offer a perspective from the higher view.  One who is stuck in the energy of the problem may not have the resources to examine all the possibilities for solutions.  This is why it is often advantageous to discuss an issue with another person.

However, discussing an issue does not mean being wedded to the story to the point of staying a victim in the narrative.  Rather, it means allowing the other person to offer suggestions and really listening to those suggestions.

Sometimes you will be the person with the problem and sometimes the one with the solutions.  Are you willing to look at the conversations you have from now on from this perspective?  This is not about judging another person for their views or for getting into a problem situation.  This is your always coming from an open heart that truly wishes to help the other to find peace.

The other side of this is for you to embrace a willingness to really listen to others, to see that they might have another perspective to offer you, and to consider what is being offered.

The kinds of conversations we address here require that neither party devolve to name-calling, judgment, anger/hatred/violence.  We are addressing here conversations between two people who honor each other and who allow each person to have ideas that may differ from one’s own.  These conversations can result in true dialogue and personal growth for both participants.

Decide today that these are the only kinds of conversations you will have.  Decide today that you will minimize time with those who refuse to have these kinds of conversations.  Seek to be the peacemaker, for your own good as well as for those around you.  And solutions you haven’t dreamed of might appear!

And so it is.


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