MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Gratitude and Compassion – the New Consciousness

Dear Ones,

There is no one among you who has not been touched by another human being.  Nor is there anyone who has not touched another person’s life in a positive way. Even if you cannot think at the moment of someone else whose life you have   touched, they are there.

Did you smile at the mail carrier?  Did you help a lost child find their parent in the grocery store?  Did you put money in a charity collection box?  Did you send a birthday card or a thank you card or a sympathy card?

Every act of kindness that you have ever offered has been a touch of positive energy in another person’s life.  And you, too, have been the recipient of kindnesses from many other people.  Who smiled at you?  Complimented you?  Sent you a birthday card?  Bought you a meal?

It is easy to feel gratitude when you allow yourself to focus on what has come to you in your life.  It is easy to feel compassion when you see another’s need and decide to take what action you can to help alleviate that need.  Both of these energies will be needed during the coming times when every human being on Planet Earth will need help from another and will be called upon to help others.

Take time to connect to the feeling of gratitude when a kindness is extended to you.  Remember that energy of gratitude when you are wishing for something else or some other kindness to come to you.  The energy of gratitude is a great magnet to attract that for which you can feel grateful.  Where many people lose their way is in waiting for something to come into their life before they feel the gratitude.  Feel the gratitude first.  Feel grateful that that which you desire exists in the Universe in the form that is in your highest good and will come to you at the perfect time in the perfect manner.  Stay in gratitude rather than in the feeling of lack or wanting.  Trust that you are taken care of, that you have what you need in this very moment.  Feel gratitude for that circumstance that is bringing you lessons you need to learn for your own personal growth.

Does this mean that you must lie to yourself about your feelings if there is something that you are lacking?  No.  But it is your focus and your emotions that you can control.  Are you focusing your energy on that lack?  Are you feeling angry or sad or worried about the lack?  Then you are not in a receptive energy and the lack will be all that you can see.  But if you shift your focus to this present moment, to what you do have, and feel gratitude for what is going on IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, then you are in the energy of receiving and the Universe can answer that energy by bringing to you that which you desire.

Now take this attitude of gratitude and extend it to helping other people.  If you find compassion in your heart, true compassion and not pity, then you will be led to help others.  Be grateful for the opportunity to help other people.  Be grateful for the chance to share from the abundance that you have in your own life, even if you feel that you lack money or resources or food or the perfect mate or the perfect job.  You are breathing the precious air of Mother Earth.  The Sun is in the sky.  You are reading these words.  Find at least one thing to be grateful for and then give from that place of gratitude for the opportunity to give.

This is true compassion. This is what humanity is being called to experience and to share.  The evolution of human consciousness has reached the point where each individual must decide for himself or herself whether or not they are going to operate from the exquisite energy of gratitude and compassion or to choose to isolate themselves from the connection to other human beings and operate as if they live in a vacuum.

When you are faced with the choice, Dear Ones, please choose compassion.  Be a part of the elevation of human consciousness to higher levels than have been around you before.  Lift yourself as you help others and you will be a bigger beneficiary than the people that you help.

Gratitude begets more opportunities to feel grateful.  Think of this as sending thank you cards to the Universe before the gifts arrive!  And compassion begets compassion.  Give and you shall receive.

And so it is.


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