BOOK LIGHTS: from “Get Your Woman On! Embracing Beauty, Grace & The Power of Women”, from the chapter “The Leap: From Confusion to Clarity” by Rosemary Bredeson

“To practice trusting your gut, you’ve really got to take that leap and commit to yourself.  Take back your power and recognize that no one else can lead you to your life’s purpose.  Your field of possibility is endlessly vast.  If you feel stuck, you may be so focused on a challenge that you forget your intuition has the solution.  Step out of this cloud of confusion by tapping into your inner wisdom.”

Rosemary Bredeson

Know that your answers are accessible.  Trust that you can access them.  Ask for help if you need it so that you can get confirmation that what you feel in your gut is the answer for you.  Just practice! Although “no one else can lead you to your life’s purpose” I can help you discover your Life Purpose and uncover choices for your next steps.


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