THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “What Needs to be Restructured in Your Life?”

Dear Ones,

It is time for each of you to decide what it is that you are going to do to assist Mother Earth in the coming transformations that she must undergo. Are you tuned into and aware of the shifts that are happening on Planet Earth at this time?

Many have asked about the energies of 2012, sometimes with fear and trepidation about what is coming. We would tell you that you have nothing to fear. The shifts that are about to happen have already begun in three-dimensional reality. People are starting to feel the shifts even if they don’t know how to talk about them or can’t quite describe what they are feeling. Many people are reacting to the shifts as if they are afraid of what is happening but what they are afraid of is change.

For some the changes coming will be changes in the amount of power they are able to exert over others. These changes require the toppling of some empires that have been built upon the backs of those who toil to support the structure but who are not able to be recompensed at a level commensurate with their contribution. Some structures that have endured for a long time will no longer be able to function as they have because there is more Light entering the world and they operate in darkness.

You will see throughout the times that people and organizations and, indeed, even cities, towns and government structures, will shift in big ways. Some will topple and some will morph into new forms. The cities that are clinging to the ways of darkness will no longer be able to operate. The government structures that do not support all of the people, especially those who have the least power, will become reversed as all people will be finding ’empowerment’ that comes from within, instead of giving over their power to someone external to them.

So what does this mean to you, Dear Ones? You must be the ones who find that your source of empowerment is the Light Within. Get in touch with your Soul’s purpose and live it – today! Ask yourself how your Life reflects the reason you incarnated on Planet Earth in these times.

Many of you are fretting about finances or jobs or relationships, but are you BEING in the fullness of your humanity? Some of you pay attention to the news and are disheartened or disturbed, but the news is the reporting of events with a commentary to try to get you to think a certain way about those events. This is not about YOU.

What is important to you? Have you done a values assessment lately? Do you know what your highest values are and are you prepared to live those? Or are you succumbing to worry about that which is not the most important part of your Life and allowing the important things to diminish in your attention?

Take some time to list the important values in your Life and then look at your schedule to see if you are devoting a proportional amount of time to those high values. Shifting your thinking about this will help you to understand that you are not a victim of events in the news. You are a person of the Light. Shine that Light in your Life on what really matters. The rest will sort itself out according to your personal value structure.

While other entities topple or restructure, the only one over which you have total control is your own Life. Make the choices that support your purpose. Listen to your inner guidance. And if some area of your Life is not what you desire, then make the changes that you can make, firstly in your thinking about where your empowerment is sourced and then in whatever external circumstances that you can change.

This is YOUR Life. Live it in the Light and be the shining Light that radiates from within you!

And So It Is!


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