THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “What’s Going into Your Unconscious Database?”

Dear Ones,

Be careful of the books you read, the movies you watch, the games you play. What ideas and images are you storing inside yourself?

For what you input into your consciousness is stored away and later used by your Unconscious Mind in the decision-making process. Everything that you have input is at work in your life, whether you are conscious of it or not, unless you have done some work to clear thoughts and beliefs from your memory and your Unconscious Mind.

Do you read material that makes you feel good – about yourself, your accomplishments, your life? Do you escape into a fantasy world to relax? With whom do you identify in the books, movies and television shows that you absorb?

What kind of music do you listen to? Is this uplifting to you or does the vibration or the lyrics drag you down? What kind of art or pictures do you look at? What form of entertainment do you enjoy?

Our words are not to make you feel guilty, judged or upset. They are merely to make you conscious that every choice that you make has an effect on your vibrational level. When you are conscious about your choices then you can consistently make the choices that raise your vibrational frequency to the highest level of your inner spirit.

Too often we see that human beings are making their lives like a robotic imitation of Life. They go through the motions of living but allow others to make decisions for them or even refuse to see that the possibility of choice exists in their life at all.

Do you know people who go through life as if there is never any choice for them, in anything? Are you one of these victims?

Dear Ones, you are always at choice in your life. Just because one choice might be more painful or disturbing or upsetting that another does not mean that you have no choice. For example, are you in a relationship that is uncomfortable or even painful for you and yet you stay? Are you working in a job that is unfulfilling and yet you stay?

You might think that you have no choice but is this really true? You could leave your relationship but there might be ramifications – financial, emotional, etc. You could leave your job but you might not have the money to pay your rent.

You choose what you believe. You choose what to think about. You choose how to spend your time each day. You choose who you spend your time on and with. You are constantly making choices in your life.

If you put violence into your mind through reading or TV or movies, then violence becomes an option for you when choosing what to do in your life. When you input meanness or anger or hatred or intolerance into your mind, then those become options for you to choose. If you allow others to put beliefs or thoughts into your mind then these become options for you.

Become conscious that you are constantly making choices and become aware of what you are putting into the database from which you make your selections.

You must periodically clear out this database of input that you do not want to be there. Clear beliefs that come from someone else. Clear out the lower vibration options that do not serve you now. Do the work.

To live a Conscious Life you must be aware of the choices you are making and the source of the possibilities you consider. Awareness leads you into a clearer field of all possibilities!

And So It Is!


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