THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “What’s Your Magnet Attracting?”

Dear Ones,

What are the energies that you are putting out into the Universe to attract to you what is happening in your life? Do you worry about money? Do you fret about relationships? Are you stuck in a place that is uncomfortable and focusing on that discomfort?

Think of yourself as a beacon in the darkness. Whatever energy you generate with your mind becomes the energetic electromagnetic beam that radiates outward from you. As a beacon you are sending this magnetic beam out into the Universe inviting like energies to attach to the beam. What are you attracting?

Some people discount what is called ‘The Law of Attraction’ but this is a law of the Universe, whether you believe in it or not. Just as the Law of Gravity works on Planet Earth whether you understand how it works or not. We are teaching you that the Law of Attraction is at work in your life right now, no matter what you think about the Law.

Because you are a thinking individual your thoughts are energetically charged at all times. You are creating magnets with every thought. What were you thinking about just before your started reading this? Was it attracting what you want in your life or what you don’t want? When you become conscious of yourself as a beacon into the vast Universe inviting into your life whatever the energy of your thoughts attract, then you can see what is playing out in your life as a manifestation of previous thoughts.

Even if you don’t remember ‘asking’ [or attracting] what you have, you can probably remember thinking about it. Now, we are not criticizing you for the thoughts that you have had in the past, for you were learning about how the Universe works. You might have implanted beliefs and thought patterns from decades ago, or borrowed from your parents and ancestors, that you didn’t even know that you had accepted. But the fact that your thoughts from the past have created patterns in your present life does not mean that you cannot change those patterns NOW.

This is what you are called to do. Examine your thoughts, your beliefs, in light of what you are learning about living a Conscious Life. Can you identify patterns that are not supporting your personal growth? Do you have situations in your life that you must examine for what you can change about your thinking about those situations?

For example, are you worrying about something and not seeing what there is for you to do about that situation? Perhaps the place to start is to get control of your thoughts about the situation. Every time that your worry surfaces, shift to considering one action you can take away from that worry. This is not to say that you must escape into fantasy rather than face front on what is going on, but rather that you can think of one aspect of that situation over which you have enough control to take one action. Look for one benefit that you receive from that situation. This might be very small or seemingly insignificant, but what is the one benefit you can think of that you have derived or are deriving from being in that situation? Now feel grateful for that one benefit.

Gratitude will move you forward into finding solutions. The energy of Gratitude, when it creates the magnet of your beacon into the Universe, attracts to you more opportunities to feel Gratitude.

And if you cannot find one benefit in your present situation? Then be grateful for the knowledge that you are perceptive enough to know that you must take steps to change the situation. Again, let your beacon contain a different energy than judgment or frustration or disappointment or anger and you will attract different energies into your life.

Try this today with something that is troubling you. You will see a difference. Be gentle with yourself and practice being a Conscious Beacon so that what you attract is what you really want.

And so it is.


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