THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “What IS Self-Realization?”

Dear Ones,

Self-Realization is the manifestation of the greatest potential of an individual human being on Planet Earth. The Self-Realized person LIVES as the Soul. Their Personality has surrendered to the Soul in all things.

The journey to Self-Realization is a long one – lifetimes of Conscious Living. But in the 21st Century there are many who are on this journey and who are helping others along the way.

How do you know if you have achieved Self-Realization? There is no question, Dear Ones, for you will know.

As Self-Realization becomes a clear goal for you, there are several steps you must take to move closer to that goal.

The first is a strong commitment to living a Conscious Life. You must be aware of what you are doing, thinking and believing at all times. You must be conscious of where your own issues lie – what ‘blind spots’ do you have? What do you not know, or not admit, that you don’t know? What choices are you making in your Life and do they come from a clear connection to your Soul?

The second is to develop a strong connection to and trust in your own intuition. Are you being guided by others without testing that guidance against your own inner wisdom? Or are you always pausing to listen to your inner voice before you choose which action to take? Do you receive intuitive messages but then question whether you can trust them or analyze your way out of following the guidance?

The next step is to regularly disconnect from the outer world so that you can clear your thoughts and energies from the pollution of the world around you. Start each day with meditation, a check-in with your inner guidance, about your day. Do not make this check-in just about what you are to DO but ask who you are to BE. When you give yourself permission to break away from the energies of the outer world, even for a short period, you enhance your Soul connection and move in the direction of Self-Realization.

It is also important that you have some time for creative expression each day, for expressing yourself creatively is how you channel Divine Energy into the world around you. This does not mean that you must spend all day painting or composing music, but it does mean that you are to find a way to create something new each day – ideas, systems, food dishes, relationships, expressions of your feelings, thoughts, beliefs. Allow each day to draw from you something creative and you will be moving in the direction of Self-Realization.

And, finally, you must be an active participant in your Spiritual Journey. You must input uplifting thoughts, ideas, music, activities so that you are keeping your vibrational level at the energy of the Soul, working to avoid the darkness of low energy vibrations. For some this means eschewing activities or relationships that are not spiritually uplifting. For some this may mean moving away from a dark city, to some other place in the world that has more Light.

Ultimately every choice in Life must be for the Light and away from the darkness. When this is achieved, a person becomes one with the Light and is Self-Realized.

And so it is.


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