THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are You a Child of the 21st Century?”

Dear Ones,

Things are changing on Planet Earth and everything in your life must be scrutinized to insure that you are in integrity with your Soul Purpose at all times. What is your standard way of interacting with the people around you? Have you taken the time to really examine your relationships and decided who you are in them?

As the energy of Earth speeds up there are three typical responses to this energetic shift. A large group of people are reacting by trying to go back to the way things used to be, where they felt more in control of their environment and their lives. Unfortunately, many of these also felt in control of the other people around them and so they are clinging to the illusion that they can now exert control over others and how they behave, believe, and relate to the controller. These are the people who are not willing to shift their own energy to adapt to the changing energies of their environment. Rather, they try to shift their environment to get it to adapt to what they think they want.

The second typical response is to move into a ‘Woe is me’ attitude of victimhood and rail against the changing times with despair, never considering that perhaps there is some action they can take to make the adaptations being called for by the shift of energy. These people sometimes wake up and realize that they are, indeed, in charge of their own lives and that they CAN take action to make their life what they wish it to be. But there are some who will choose to stay with the concept that they have no control and therefore their mantra continues to be ‘Woe is me.’

The third response is that of the conscious individual who looks around at their environment and decides that they will assess the energies and will adapt to continue their forward motion through the changes. These people will strive to change themselves until they can continue to be successful in their own journey of personal growth. These are the ones who will emerge as the leaders of the future, who will take care of themselves and their families and their businesses to make sure that they are transitioning whenever it is required to continue to grow as they feel led and as they desire.

Which response are you feeling in yourself to the changing energies around you? Be honest with yourself here, for denying that you are fearful and paralyzed does not bring you the resources you need to make the adaptations that will bring you forward in your growth journey. If you admit that you have been falling into the trap of longing for days of the past and have been trying to control both the people around you and your environment then you have the power now to change yourself to flow with the changes that are happening, whether you try to control them or not.

The wisest person becomes a child of the 21st Century and decides to adapt and continue to move forward. This requires a commitment to the inner work that manifests as success in the outer world. Looking inward is where the answers lie. Finding fellow travelers brings the outer support. Moving away from those who try to control you or the circumstances will help to free you to continue your forward progress.

Set your sights on sailing into the future with the wind at your back, helping you to move forward, supporting that flow into what awaits you — which is your personal success.

Shift or you will be left behind.

And so it is.


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