THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “The Hum of the Universe – Can You Hear It?”

Dear Ones,

Everything that is visible has a frequency vibration that connects it to the invisible realms. Nothing exists on Earth that does not have a connection to higher realms.  Those who can see energies can see some of this connection.  Some can feel this energetic connection.  Some can hear the vibration of other, unseen, frequencies.

It is this unseen Hum of the Universe that we wish to share with you today.

This Hum is a vibrational frequency that is becoming more and more noticeable by Sensitives on Earth.  People are responding to this experience in different ways.  Some are clinging to fear and wish to go back to a time before this Hum was noticed.  Some are excited by the promise of something new and lose track of the current moment in their pursuit of the new energies of the future.

The appropriate response for those who would live a Conscious Life is to stay rooted in the present moment and to bring this new frequency into their life and respond to its call.

This Hum vibrates at the Universal Frequency of Oneness.  The call to all who reside on Planet Earth is to move into the Energy of Oneness.  This starts with the individual and how that individual lives their everyday life.  Oneness calls a person to see through the eyes of acceptance, to assume that others are trying their best to also live with the Energy of Oneness.  This energy does not encompass intolerance and hared for that lower vibration is that of separation, an old energy on Earth that is losing its hold in societies around the globe.  The Hum of the Universe calls those who hear it to develop a New Consciousness of Oneness in their society and to work to make that manifest in the greater communities of Earth.

Those who escape into the comfort of fear (and, yes, it feels comfortable because it is both familiar to feel fear and comforting to give away your power to a perceived protector) are choosing, consciously or unconsciously, to retreat into the lower vibration of separation rather than evolve into the higher frequency of Oneness.

Does this all sound strange to you?  You must learn to feel inside you when there is a resonance to what you are learning and when there is not.  And you must also learn to discern when resistance comes from a fear of growth.  Stretch your awareness to grow and evolve.  This is being fully human.

And so it is.


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