THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are you feeling at home?

Dear Ones,

Where in the world of Planet Earth do you consider your ‘home’?  Have you thought about having a ‘home’ that has nothing to do with the house in which you live?  We would tell you that ‘home’ is a word describing where your connection to Mother Earth is felt the strongest.

Many people think that home is where their job is, or even where their family of origin lives or originated.  But this is a limited understanding of ‘home.’  Your job and your family do not define you – your Life Purpose, the reason you incarnated on Planet Earth in a human body – this defines you.  You came to the Planet to be the person that you are at your core and that person lives in a resonance with many places on Planet Earth.  But at any single time, there is a single place on  Earth that is your spiritual home.  This is the place that feeds your spirit, that energizes you and uplifts you and helps you to sort through confusion.  For some of you this place is near or within the home/house in which you currently dwell.  For others, it might be a place that you visit on holiday, or that you remember fondly from a previous experience.  Some of you might not have found yet a place on Earth that feeds your spirit in this way.

Finding and connecting with your ‘home on Earth’ is an important action for you to take during your lifetime.  This quest begins with questioning yourself about how fulfilling you feel your present life is.  If you feel that there is something missing, if you are always busy but not accomplishing that which you desire to accomplish, if you are feeling unhappy but the outward signals indicate that you ‘should’ feel happy, then perhaps you are not yet connected with your ‘home on Earth.’  Have you ever felt that connection?  Have you ever felt so at peace in a certain location that you really didn’t want to leave it?  This is how it feels when you are connected to your spiritual home on Earth.

Now you might have had this experience often, especially when you are relaxed on vacation or visiting an exotic locale.  We are not saying that there is only one place on Earth that is your home for your whole lifetime.  You might find that at different times different places on Earth resonate with you.  There might be many such locations, and you do not necessarily have to live permanently at one of these.  But for you to feel your strongest connection to Mother Earth, you must visit the place that you determine to be your spiritual home at a given time.

Can you name that place right now?  Do you know where you would go if tomorrow you were given an airplane ticket to Your Spiritual Home on Earth and told to get there quickly?  Whatever your answer to that is implies whether or not you have yet connected.  You might even know innately where that place is without having previously visited there.  And the place that seems to call you today might not be the same place that last year or 10 years ago was the place that seemed to be your spiritual home, for you have been growing and expanding your awareness over time and your need for Earth connection can change.

Many people think of India or Hawaii as the most spiritual places on Earth, and they certainly hold that kind of energy.  But did you know that YOUR strongest connection to Mother Earth might call you to Boise, Idaho or London, England or Miami, Florida?  It is not just those locations that look like spiritual places that call a human being to them.  There are many other factors, including the Earth energies in different places.  Some people can feel an energy vortex in Sedona, Arizona for example and others feel peaceful floating in a boat on the waters of Alaska.  Some feel the power of a huge waterfall while others need to be within the sight of the Rocky Mountains.

What is important is that each individual find the place on Earth at this time that feeds their spirit, that nourishes them with the energies of Mother Earth, and that they find time to visit that location and allow their physical bodies to absorb the energy of their ‘home.’  It is also important to remove yourself from a spot that feels as if it drains your energy.  Are you living somewhere that does not support you?  Are you longing to visit or live somewhere else?  Pay attention to those feelings.

Not only might you find that connecting to Mother Earth’s special energy for you gives you motivation to take action in your life but you also might find that your Life, your Relationships and your Business/Career/Work will be energized because they are supported in additional ways.

And maybe you just need to relax at the most relaxing spot on the Earth that calls to you today!

And so it is.


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20 Responses to “THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are you feeling at home?”

  1. Christine McIvor Says:

    I really enjoyed this read Rosemary. You have cleared up the confusion that I have been feeling for a while now. I feel at home when I am on the lake and listening to the sound of loons. I am going to make this a priority. Thank you!

  2. Mitch Tublin Says:

    You posted an interesting discussion point. For well over ten years I worked aboard deep sea going ships. I felt the pull of the sea when I was home – on land – for too long. Now, I relax and re-energize when I go to the shore – beach – for a few days. Interesting…….
    All The Best,

  3. ofyl Says:

    My home is where I can either be surrounded by mountains and trees, or at the ocean (doesn’t matter which one). I get greatly recharged by being in some place with BIG nature.

    My current home looks out over fabulous, HUGE trees (I am on the 7th floor, and NOT at treetop level) – so I can work happily.

    • Rosemary Bredeson Says:

      So glad you have ‘home’ at home! I’m with you, BIG nature is the best. I live in Colorado where we have ‘big sky’ vistas for miles. But I long to be by the ocean. Next home, back to a coast!

  4. Jenny Fenig Says:

    What a beautiful post, Rosemary! It’s so timely for me as I am in a place that feels very much like “home” to me – the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. My husband and I got married here 5 years ago and are come here as much as we can. There is something so calming, so real, so “us” about this place.

    Although we don’t live here full-time, I definitely feel a pull here … an energetic charge that fills me in ways no other place has. Thanks for giving me insight into why I feel this way. Wow!

    • Rosemary Bredeson Says:

      Glad you are enjoying the Berkshires and a place that calls you ‘home,’ Jenny, even if you don’t live there full-time. It’s just important to touch bases occasionally!

      Have a great holiday visit ‘home’!


  5. Phil Dyer Says:

    What a thought provoking post, Rosemary!

    I can feel at home nearly anywhere I am…which is good, since I have lived all over the world! The place that calls to me the most is easily Italy. I can literally feel my blood pressure drop 20 points the minute I step off the plane. I think it is a combination of the ancient wisdom, beauty, art, fresh foods straight from the earth and amazing wines that just wrap around me like my favorite pair of jeans.


    • Rosemary Bredeson Says:

      How wonderful that you will be visiting your ‘home’ in Italy in a few months, Phil! Isn’t it great to have a place that feels that perfect?

      Thanks for the comment and the description – I can taste the food and the wine now!


  6. Katherine C. H. E. Says:

    Great perspective, Rosemary! I love this way of thinking of HOME. I feel very blessed to have such a place literally in my own back yard. In fact, I made a video yesterday about my “summer office” which is in this spot. Check it out: — from this spot I have gorgeous flowers blooming all around me all season. So perfect and magical, and I feel so CONNECTED in my spot! XO Katherine
    Life Blossoming Systems

  7. Rosemary Bredeson Says:

    Thanks for the comments! It’s fun to hear where everyone feels connected to Mother Earth and her nurturing energy. Isn’t it interesting that some of us have multiple spiritual homes? I can picture some of yours from your beautiful descriptions! And, Kiyla, I will join my prayers with yours that the oil spill doesn’t ruin your spiritual home!

    Blessings, Rosemary

  8. Lisa Manyon Says:

    Great post! I have many places where I feel at home and oddly (although I’ve been considering relocation for quite some time) I’ve been really connecting in my current locale. The presence of nature has become so clear to me and the appreciation of the beauty of the sky, clouds and abundance of nature that surrounds me is breathtaking. I’m also heading to my hometown next week where I am always more connected to nature than ever — yet I feel closer to my spirituality where I am now. Clearly I have some things to ponder.

    Thanks so much for getting me to take a closer look.

    Write on!~


  9. Patricia Selmo Says:

    What a great idea Rosemary – I have never thought of it in this way. I am going to have to go on this quest to determine where my “home” is!

  10. Terri Cook Says:

    ahh my home on earth is always where my family is however my connect to “mother earth” feels most at peace in egypt and France – 2 vastly different places feeding my soul in very similar ways

    Thanks for your post – always mystic always beautiful

    Joy & Blessings


  11. Kiyla Fenell Says:

    Destin, Florida…I pray the oil spill doesn’t ruin my spiritual home.

  12. Get Clear Goals with Lynn Moore Says:

    I do know that at this point in my life I have to be physically comfortable in order to appreciate good energy. So I want warm, not cold and on the water. Loved the east coast of Australia when we were there. Also love mountain forests and lakes where you can hear nothing but birds, breeze and lapping water, have a bonfire on the shore of the lake, listening to the loons at twilight and early morning, skim the waters in a row boat and relax to the sounds of the rhythmic oars dipping in and out of the water and sliding through the oar locks. Peace.
    Thanks for helping to bring this to my mind Rosemary!

  13. Sue Painter Says:

    My home is at the ocean, and the most beautiful and peaceful peace I’ve been, that calls to me often, is Bali.

  14. Rosemary Bredeson Says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Laura – that’s a great question to ask – Where is my heart today?

    @Carmen – Haven’t traveled to Australia but have felt a great pull to work there, especially lately. Might see you there!

  15. Laura Hollick Says:

    To me home is where my heart is.
    The question I always ask myself~ where’s my heart today?

    Your Mystic Messages are wonderful Rosemary.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom

  16. Carmen@GetOrganized Says:

    My home on Earth is Sydney, Australia! Of all the places I’ve traveled, it was just….ahhh! My hubs and I both want to live there one day. 🙂 – Carmen

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