THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Watch for the Daily Messages from the Universe

Dear Ones,

You must pay attention to the signals that you are receiving at all times from the Universe and from those advisors who are wishing to help you live a more conscious life.  There are always signals.  You might dismiss them as coincidence or happenstance.  You might not always recognize that they are indeed signs from your personal guidance channels, but they are available to you when you look for them.

You might ask why this is so important.  Don’t you know?  How often have you felt that you are adrift alone in a sea of confusion?  Have you ever wondered where there might be guidance for you?  We would have you understand that all that is around you can be a source of information for you.

In many traditions the animals are carriers of messages.  It is often the qualities or characteristics of the animal in nature that are reflected as the information that carries a message for you.  When you see an eagle can you ask yourself how you can use the extraordinary vision of an eagle to pierce a veil over your own eyes about some situation in your life?  When you see a gentle deer eating grass in a field, can you ask if you need to be gentle with yourself or another?  These are the kinds of questions that you can ask yourself to use the quality of an animal in nature as a guide for you in that moment.

When you ask for guidance, do you pay attention to what happens next in your life?  Have you ever asked for information to help you make a decision and then seen something in the media that relates to the question you just asked?  Or have you received a phone call from a friend or loved one telling you something that relates to your question?

These are not coincidences, Dear Ones!  These are messages.  They might be subtle or they might be obvious, but the messages are there. Some people see their answers in headlines or billboards or TV notices.  Others watch cloud formations and see the answers there.  Some people use cards or pendulums or other tools.  Still others set up tests by asking for a particular sign.  Some people ask for something impossible to confirm what they are thinking.  There are many avenues.

The important message for us to convey here is that YOU have opportunities throughout your day to receive guidance from sources beyond your usual ones.  All that is unfolding about you in any given day has meaning for you.  There are no accidents.  Every animal that crosses your path, every piece of jewelry that you use to adorn your body, the color of clothes that you choose to wear on a particular day.  All of these have meaning in your life.

Have you ever been in a group and had several people in that group wearing the same color clothing?  Do you think that is an accident or do you think that something greater is at work?  We would tell you that it is always the latter.  There is an energy about each day that sensitive people can pick up on and they will choose to wear a color that reflects that energy, even when that choice is an unconscious one.  At other times, a particular person will need the support of the energy of a different color and will wear something that others are not wearing.  This, too, is a way of demonstrating that the guidance for that individual reflects what they need at that moment.

Jewelry is another way that one can ‘tune in’ to the energy needed at a particular time.  Crystals and gems and minerals carry specific energy with them and those who have a selection of jewelry from which to choose each day may find themselves feeling led to choose particular jewelry for particular situations, again, even unconsciously.  There are many books that speak of the qualities of different gems but the books are not the authority for what one needs in a given moment – the guidance from the Universe will lead an individual to choose what is needed if one allows it to.

And there is the key:  Each day, allow the Universe to guide you to your messages.  Trust that everything around you has significance.  Tune in to see what color you should wear, what jewelry or crystals you should have in your own energy field that day.    The more you practice this the more ‘tuned in’ you will become.  And pay attention to what happens around you each day.  What animals are in your sphere?  What words do you keep hearing today?

Then ask, ‘What is the message in this for me?’  There is a blessing for you in paying attention to these messages!

And so it is.


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