THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: You impact the Planet – speak Peace!

Dear Ones,

The 21st Century represents the dawn of a new era in the evolution of human consciousness.  For previous centuries the individuals have been learning about their own lives and what is required of them to grow and survive on Planet Earth.  In the 18-20th Centuries people traveled farther from home and learned about other cultures to a much greater extent than had been previously possible, except for a few explorers.  In the 21st Century, the entire Planet is connected via airwaves and computer networks and satellites.

An individual can no longer consider himself or herself to be a separate entity, one who can make choices without affecting the rest of humanity.  No human being is a totally separate entity.  In fact, no one ever has been, but the connections have not been as vast as they are in the 21st Century.

Each individual must consider the repercussions of every action that they take, not only on their immediate environment but also on the Planet as a whole and on all the other peoples of Earth.  Every step upon the Planet leaves an impact.  We are not talking here of just the environment as Nature and soil and air and water.  No, we are talking as well about the energetic environment on Planet Earth.  When a person or a group of people engage in activities that stir up hatred and dissension that energy has a ripple effect around the Earth.  And when a person or a group of people engage in activities that generate peace and love that energy, too, has an effect around the world.

Imagine that you are one individual who can affect the energy of the entire world with your thoughts and actions and the energy that you generate.  Why would you then generate negative energy, or hatred, or anger and let that energy move around the Planet affecting the whole world?  But if you focused your thoughts and activities on generating peace and love and acceptance and tolerance, imagine the impact that would be felt around the Planet.

Do not think that one person can have no impact on all the others on the Planet or on the Planet herself.  Think of those individuals who have single-handedly led groups of people into slaughtering other groups, or who have created economic conditions that caused the death of many people.  In the 21st Century there are those who are having such an effect in their countries that many people are dying because of politics or the exercise of power or the greed of leaders.  If one person can have a vast effect in the negative sense, then the laws of energy would indicate that one person can also have a vast effect in a positive way.

Be that one person yourself.  You do not have to be in the news programs.  You do not have to be or become famous.  You do not have to be wealthy.  Focus your energy on being peace and love and acceptance and tolerance, to those immediately around you and in a general sense toward the whole world.  Your example will inspire others. When you treat those around you with these energies they will, in turn, spread that vibration of energy to their circle.

Be careful of your speech. Catch yourself before you utter the words that would counteract the energy of peace and love.  Notice how your speech patterns are reflecting the energy of peace and love.  Consciously choose to think and speak of these higher vibrations.

We do not say this only for the good of the Planet Earth.  There is a benefit to you as an individual as well, for the vibration that you cast into the atmosphere around you is multiplied and returned to you magnified – be careful what level of vibration you cast into the atmosphere!

And so it is.


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