ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Mother Earth’s Crystal Children

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Mother Earth’s Crystal Children


bullseyeWhat fun we’re having on our trip to Florida! We are visiting family and friends along the way before we get to Orlando. Will we see you at the Red Elephant event, “Stand, Speak and Profit” there? I won tickets for us to attend this event and so it precipitated a drive south and some important visits along the way. I hope to connect with people and information that will make the next event we present to be the best it can be.

We celebrated the New Moon in Leo on Saturday, July 26 at 6:42 pm Eastern Daylight Time. If you have attended a Possibilities Playshop you can check your Playbook to see what your theme is for this New Moon cycle. If you haven’t attended the Playshop yet, we’ll be announcing the next one shortly.Pay attention to your intentions for this New Moon.Leo energy is powerfully sent to us via both the Sun and Moon at this time. Take some time to reflect on your purpose and how you can move forward in manifesting that purpose in the world. What helpers do you need? What new insights can you gain? Jupiter is giving us a chance to expand our visions and take advantage of great opportunities. Keep your eyes and heart open!

At The Oracle Speaks Event last week The Divine Feminine gave us some great guidance about Children, Compassion and Crystals, all focused through the lens of Self-Love. This was the Leo event and we’ll be offering The Oracle Speaks Events at least once during every Sun Sign throughout the year. In these events I channel The Divine Feminine and there is always great wisdom and guidance for living a Conscious Life.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can get the audio recording here and listen to this important message. Link to Purchase. When you participate live, you get to ask your questions, general or personal, and you can join us in person or via the internet. Watch for the Virgo event!

Tomorrow’s post is a video clip from last week’s event so that you can hear what The Divine Feminine started teaching about crystals. They gave us some more information on crystals in last Friday’s post. Is it time you paid more attention to crystals and how they can help you in your life?

Hope you are enjoying your Summer and that you are giving yourself time for Self-Love and Play! Celebrate Leo and keep roaring!


A message from The Divine Feminine about Crystals:

“Dear Ones,

The Crystal Kingdom on Earth contains many molecules that have come to Earth from other parts of the Cosmos. These molecules are carriers of multi-dimensional wisdom whose time has arrived to be shared with the people of the Earth.

Not all people alive at this time are ready to hear the Wisdom of the Worlds as transmitted by these crystals, and, so, they will deny the value or, indeed, even the idea of crystals as messengers. They will dismiss crystals as ‘new age fads’ or ‘just fancy rocks.’ When you hear this from a person, or if you feel this yourself, know that this attitude comes from a fear of the challenge of personal growth. If you are connecting to these words then, Dear One, you are ready for personal growth through a personal relationship with the Crystal Kingdom.

We will not give you here a compendium of theories about crystals and their physical, spiritual or emotional properties. There are many sources for material on these topics. We will, however, tell you here how you are to interact with crystals to gain the most benefit from them.

To begin with, the crystals that are available to you have traveled to you from many distant locations on Planet Earth as well as some that traveled to Earth fairly recently from beyond her atmosphere. All of these crystals, whether they began on earth or are sourced from elsewhere, are the Crystal Children of Mother Earth.

Crystals carry in them energies given to them by Mother Earth, either from her core or through her atmosphere. Just as a human baby became ‘a human’ by taking its first breath of Mother Earth’s atmosphere, so, too, did crystalline structures that came from elsewhere in the Cosmos become Children of Mother Earth when she kissed them as they traveled through her atmosphere. The crystals that have grown within Mother Earth are being birthed into the service of her human children as they are appearing above ground to work with Mother Earth’s human children.

This work with humans is to help them grow in their understanding of themselves and of how the Cosmos works.

In your home, place crystals where you feel they want to be. Choose crystals by using your intuition, by paying attention to how you feel when you hold a crystal or view a picture of it. Notice if your first impression is that a certain crystal ‘appeals’ to you, or that you keep finding yourself being drawn to it, or picking it up and not wanting to put it down.

Choosing a crystal is the first step.

Choosing where to place the crystal is the next step. Do not criticize those who would use a crystal ‘for decorative purposes only.’ They may not know or appreciate the deeper properties of the crystal but it will share its benefits with them even if only at an unconscious level.

If you are ready to connect with, to communicate with a crystal, then hold it in your hand or place it near/on your body and dialogue with it. Learn what its message is for you. Be aware that it may take several visits to get the complete message transmitted and that there might be additional messages from the crystal at a later date.

The crystal will let you know where to place it. If you feel that you haven’t received any information about placement, then set it down wherever you choose. It will be the right place. And be prepared to move crystals around when you feel like doing so.

There are many theories about clearing crystals and we would tell you to choose whatever method feels right to you.

At another time we will teach you about crystal grids and their energy.

Go now and learn from your crystals.

And So It Is.”

The Divine Feminine via



This throwback video is only back to July 13. Here is a clip of Rosemary’s Oracle Speaks Event when she channeled The Divine Feminine. This is a short, but complete piece of the message on how best to set boundaries. Enjoy!













PS: The entire recording, video or audio, of The Oracle Speaks Event is available on my website:

We Are Family – Richard’s Commentary

I want to begin my comments with Rosemary’s ending to her Exploration:

This is important 21st Century work for each human being. Love yourself. Be Who You REALLY Are. Be the Light. Write your own story.

…and create your family; “we are family”! This is a lesson I have learned and continue to learn from Rosemary. It started over 30 years ago (we celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary yesterday!). We came together with kids; Rosemary had a daughter and I had two sons. From the very beginning we made a conscious choice, and from then on a conscious and valiant effort, to blend and create a “nuclear” family of the five of us. And it worked. Today our 30-something kids could not be closer if they were blood-related. We are family!

And we each have our extended families. I met Rosemary’s at her sister’s wedding. The vibe is dominated by Italian ancestry; my Norwegian/Swiss (northern) ancestry was welcomed in with open arms and big hugs. My cold northern blood melted right in to this southern love. Meanwhile my family remains pretty much in tact in Wisconsin – that Norwegian blood just likes it cold! I love them, visit (in the summer/fall) now and then. We are family!

And then we have our ultra-extended family that spans the globe from here north into Canada, east to Europe, south to Australia, west to China. We have grandchildren here in Maryland, another on the way in California. And then there are our adopted grandchildren/god-children spread all over from England to Florida and far beyond. Our younger friends with children just seem to know: we are family! (Of course, the children know it immediatedly!)

We are about to begin a fun trip to Florida for a work-related conference in Orlando next week. On the way (we are driving) we will stop in Raleigh, NC to visit with our youngest child, catching up with that part of the nuclear family and his delightful girl friend. Then it is on to Brunswick, GA to visit long-term, but not seen in years, friends; and even though there is a serious back injury in the picture here, we are compelled to spend the night – “you are family.” Then it is on to Tampa to visit more friends and one of our adopted grand/god-children. After the Orlando conference it is on to Amrit Ashram to visit a nephew and Gurudev. We are family!

And my story goes on. It is still unfolding. We have more family members to meet; they are out there waiting for us. As Rosemary says:

…write a NEW story! You have permission. You are Lady or Lord Creator of Your Own Truth! Love yourself enough to be the creator of a fine life story. Be the ancestor of a legacy that makes you proud and smiling today.

Be the love. Be the light. Go meet your family; they are out there waiting for you! Be the ancestor of a legacy! And remember:

We are family!


ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Be the Family You Want to Have!

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Be the Family You Want to Have!


whirlpool plusWelcome to all the new subscribers to the Wisdom Connections! We’re happy to have you in RosemarySpace!

The Sun is about to move into the sign of Leo (tomorrow, July 22 at 5:41pm Eastern Daylight Time) and the Moon meets up with him in Leo for the New Moon on the 26th. Leo is the fire sign of the King of the Beasts, the majestic lion, and the key words for Leo are “I Will.” Leo is about Love and Leadership and Enthusiasm and Creativity. (Each month I’ll be letting you know about that month’s Sun Sign and some of its qualities while I keep you informed about the cycles of the Moon, too).

This is really a sign of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the sign of my birthday and my husband, Richard’s. We share August 2nd birthdays and, since we get gypped out of having our separate days, we just celebrate the whole time that the Sun is in Leo! I highly recommend this to you – celebrate your SUN SIGN, not just one day. You are the Light of the World – you deserve more than just one day celebrating YOU!

So Leos unite! Let’s declare July 22 to August 22 a celebration of all Leos. And we’re awaiting the birth of another grandchild who is due on August 24, just after the Sun leaves Leo and moves into Virgo, its Dad’s sign. We grandparents, Mimi & Papa, are thinking it might be fun if it comes a bit early and is a Leo like us, but children are in charge of their own birth charts! (‘It’ because we don’t know its gender.)

During this creative time The Divine Feminine have been instructing me to deliver important messages from them. The first channeling event, The Oracle Speaks, was on July 13th and they gave us an amazing hour of guidance and wisdom and especially some helpful information for entrepreneurs. In case you weren’t able to join us, the recording is available for purchase on my websiteLINK

And, you will have another chance to hear from The Divine Feminine this month; it will be a totally different message!

On Wednesday, July 23 (after the Sun goes into Leo) I will be channeling The Divine Feminine with a message that starts at 7:00 pm Eastern Time and, after the message, those who are present in person or live in the online conference, can ask their questions, general or personal. This is your opportunity to get answers directly from The Divine Feminine on any topic!

There are two ways to participate: join us in person in Severna Park, Maryland or join us online from anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to register for this educational and informative event: Details and Registration

If you’ve never experienced hearing wisdom teachings from Spirit Teachers, then this is a great way to be introduced to the guidance. And you can join from the comfort of your home. Even if you can’t participate during the live event, if you reserve your spot, you will receive the recording. For a low investment, you will receive an amazing amount of wisdom.

And so we move even more deeply into Summer and the temperatures heat up. The Sun moving into Leo is an invitation to you to look at who is leading you in your life. Are you the Lion, king of your jungle, or is someone trying to tame you into being something you are not? Do the personal growth work to claim your Inner Leo!



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